Backyard King

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"Backyard King"
Backyard King cover
Album track by Carnival Art
Album Thrumdrone
Released August 13, 1991
Recorded Unknown
Length 2:31
Label Beggars Banquet
Writer(s) Carnival Art, Michael P. Tak
Status Officially released
Thrumdrone track listing
"Backyard King"
"Little Doorprize"

"Backyard King" is the second track from Carnival Art's 1991 album "Thrumdrone."


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A full belly boasts the little hun
His dead cat's a windchime
Its bones hang in the burnt sun
A headless Barbi she's nailed to a tree
A brutal symbol of the two year old's dynasty

His reign is built on terror
His mother she swings the axe
Our juice is sucked through the nipple
Of the backyard king

Tonka toys that carry nicotine
14 issues of Penthouse and some other things found obscene
His swingset is a playschool gallo
His doorstep's his throne his crown's made out of lego

He's a real little guy
But he carries a big stick

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