Crazy in Love

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"Crazy in Love"
Crazy in Love cover
Album track by AM Radio
Album Reactive
Released February 25, 2007
Length 3:52
Label Polydor Japan
Universal Distribution
Writer(s) Kevin Ridel
Status Officially released
Reactive track listing
"Cold Blue"
"Crazy in Love"
"Pretty Stupid"

"Crazy in Love" is the fourth track from AM Radio's second album, "Reactive."





Crazy in love with you
Babe you know it's true
I'm going out of my mind
Tonight I just might be

Lost without you here
That's my darkest fear
I stand in an empty room
And now it's crowded

The people that
Want to take
My time away
Another day
I could have spent
With you girl
Doing anything
In the world
I know that you
Feel just the same
I hope that you
Don't go insane
Like me

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