Drop Dead

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"Drop Dead"
Drop Dead cover
Album track by Carnival Art
Album Thrumdrone
Released August 13, 1991
Recorded Unknown
Length 3:02
Label Beggars Banquet
Writer(s) Carnival Art, Michael P. Tak
Status Officially released
Thrumdrone track listing
"Ruth's Advice"
"Drop Dead"
"Itchy Little House"

"Drop Dead" is the thirteenth track from Carnival Art's 1991 album Thrumdrone.


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(Tie) Bendable bodies that're
(Dye) Old grey and worn
(Burn) People in parties saying
(Out) Peace love and war
(Who) Didn't want to die beneath
(Stole) A unGrateful sky so I
(Your) Stood on my chair and
(Face) Held on for life

(Drop) Drop Dead
Drop Dead

(With) Jerry he sagged and one
(One) Twin dragged
(Rose) As my thai dyed eyes
(Skull) Started wandering
(And) Love in the grass as crowds
(Boot) Of people passed
(Leg) Tricking down the aisle
(Tapes) Into a holy mass

(Drop) Drop Dead
Drop Dead

(A) Skeleton saints on a
(L) Terminal tour with
(S) Body paints and the same songs
(D) As before
(High) Tripping through this
(Tour) Vegetable zoo
(Through) With my third eye blind
(Space) And hypnotized

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