El Scolcho

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El Scolcho
The original members of El Scolcho as featured on the cover of El? Scorcho!
Background information
Origin Japan
Years active 2000-2004
Label(s) 3P3B, Jellyfish Records
Former Members
Junichiro Yamashita
Masakazu Ichise
Naou Hara
Shinobu Watanabe
Takashi Kashikura
Toru Kaide
Not to be confused with "El Scorcho".

El Scolcho was a live Weezer cover band formed in Japan. The group played only on New Years Eve of each year.


El Scolcho consisted of members from bands on the Japanese record label 3P3B. The group's lineup fluctuated numerous times throughout its existence, though it was headed by Naou Hara[1] (of the band Short Circuit, who contributed a cover of "I Do" to Across the Sea: A Tribute to Weezer), and, between 2000 and 2003, included Kashikura Takashi (of the band Reach, who contributed a cover of "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams" to the same tribute). The group is known to have been active from 2000 to 2004.

Notably, the band only performed a single set each year, specifically on New Years Eve. Recordings of each New Years performance were made and distributed as cassettes under the 3P3B sub-label Jellyfish Records. These cassettes were sent out for free as mail order bonuses on the 3P3B website.[2] Stickers and T-shirts featuring the band's name were also sold.[3]


Live albums

Compilation appearances

  • 3P3B Video 0408: 14MVS (2009)

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