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Fatigue cover
Album track by The Special Goodness
Album The Special Goodness (album)
Released November 21, 1998 (Japan only)
Recorded March-April 1996
Tom Ackerman's house
White Horse studios
Length 2:32
Label Rock Records
Writer(s) Patrick Wilson
Producer(s) Tony Lash
Status Officially released
The Special Goodness (album) track listing
"Pay No Mind"

"Fatigue" is the second track from the debut album by The Special Goodness.


"Fatigue" is one of several songs on The Bunny Album that fans feel is directed toward Rivers Cuomo [citation needed].




I get so tired when I have to deal with you
I wonder if you think what you say is true
I turn away to another smiling face
with air behind it
So happy with it's place
Find somebody else who'd ready to believe in
Anything but themselves

I get so sad when I have to look at you
What once was funny has made me sour too
I turn away to see some vacant eyes
It's very common but comes as a surprise

It's so convenient
When you're not supposed to think
or be responsible at all

I hope someday
That you'll start thinking for yourself
And take responsibility

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