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Fliptop in March 2000
Background information
Origin United States
Former Members
Jason Cropper
Dallan Baumgarten
Scott Shiflett
Josh Freese
Bill ?
Brian ?

Fliptop was a short-lived band fronted by former Weezer guitarist Jason Cropper.


Following the dissolution of Chopper One after parting from the band's label, musicians Jason Cropper and Dallan Baumgarten formed Fliptop, alongside bassist Scott Shiflett and drummer Josh Freese. When asked about how Fliptop came to exist during a 2020 Reddit.com Q&A, Cropper said Josh Freese "made that happen." A full-length album was recorded, but only five tracks were mixed down for demo purposes. According to Baumgarten's musician bio[1], "scheduling turmoil" led to the group's disbandment, and so the album was never released. The band is known to have performed live five times, with their first concert being for a radio show in March of 2000. At least four of the five mixed songs currently exist in fan circulation.


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