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Foozer is the name given to the 2005 tour that featured Weezer and the Foo Fighters. During the tour, fans were invited on stage to play during Undone - The Sweater Song. This tour saw the band first begin to trade vocals on songs. At one show, a fan invited on stage started singing Blast Off! into the microphone.

On the last stop of the tour in Oakland, California, the Foo Fighters played several pranks on Weezer during their set. During Rivers' solo acoustic performance of "Island in the Sun", a heavy-set exotic dancer emerged from the crowd behind him, and gyrated throughout the song. During Weezer's "Undone (The Sweater Song)", where Rivers usually asks a member of the audience to come play acoustic guitar on stage, Dave Grohl instead appeared on stage and performed with Weezer with an acoustic guitar that he smashed at the end of the song. Also, during the set closer of "Buddy Holly", a half dozen men in security uniforms took the stage behind the band. They quickly started dancing and removing their clothes, revealing themselves to be male exotic dancers, each with a letter spelling out "Weezer" painted on their chest. During the Foo Fighters subsequent set, Dave Grohl took credit for the pranks, and expressed hope that Weezer would retaliate in kind.

It's also of interest that some time into the tour, Weezer began covering the Foo Fighters' "Big Me".

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