Hit the Bricks

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"Hit the Bricks"
Hit the Bricks cover
Album track by AM Radio
Album Reactive
Released February 25, 2007
Length 4:05
Label Polydor Japan
Universal Distribution
Writer(s) Kevin Ridel
Status Officially released
Reactive track listing
"I Just Wanna Be Loved"
"Hit the Bricks"
"Cold Blue"

"Hit the Bricks" is the second track from AM Radio's second album, "Reactive."





I've got my own time
I'm gonna make it last
Before you come back around
And make me hit the bricks

With your dumb intellect
That can only bring me down
All the time I wasted on you

Ah you left there
You left me standing in my shame
Ah you never cared
You never even felt the same

I think I've had enough
Of trying to keep up
With your insanity
Ah baby hit the bricks

Hit the bricks

Ah hit the bricks

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