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Kyoko Ito Cuomo
Kyoko Ito, c. 2005
Background information
Birth name Kyoko Ito
Born Kumamoto, Japan

Kyoko Ito Cuomo is the wife of Rivers Cuomo. She was born in Kumamoto, Japan to parents Harutoshi and Kimiko Ito.

A student at a local college at the time, Ito met Cuomo in 1997 at a show that Cuomo performed in Cambridge, Massachusetts (likely either a Homie show at The Middle East, according to Karl Koch, or a solo Rivers Cuomo concert at T.T. the Bear's Place, according to Cuomo). The two were married on June 18, 2006 in Malibu, CA. The couple currently visits her parents in Japan several times a year. They have two children, Mia Cuomo (born in 2007) and Leo Cuomo (born in 2012).

Before relocating to the United States, Kyoko worked for a Tokyo-based magazine called PingMag as an editor and translator. Cuomo would visit her in Japan several times before her eventual relocation. Upon her permanent move to the United States, she became a contributor to PingMag up until its notice of indefinite hiatus on December 31, 2008.

Not much else is known about Cuomo because she remains fairly private.

Her name was the first in the Thank You section of both The Green Album and Maladroit. She also has a design credit on the 2001 self titled AM Radio album.

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