Little Elvis

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"Little Elvis"
Little Elvis cover
Album track by Carnival Art
Album Welcome to Vas Llegas (album)
Released 1992
Length 3:41
Label Beggars Banquet Records
Writer(s) Michael P. Tak
Producer(s) Nicholas Sansano
Status Released
Welcome to Vas Llegas (album) track listing
"Little Elvis"
"Pill Bugg"

"Little Elvis" is the tenth track of Carnival Art's third album, Welcome to Vas Llegas.



"Little Elvis" is a very obvious tribute to famous rock and roll singer Elvis Presley. The song tells the story of a person wishing to become someone like Presley, as is denoted multiple times in the song's lyrics ("Like Presley, I'll be king"). The song makes multiple direct references to Presley, such as the song's title and lyrics referencing him by name, lyrics referring to him as "king" (as he is often nicknamed the "King of Rock and Roll"), and lyrics mentioning Graceland, a mansion in Memphis, Tennessee that was once owned by Presley.




Lyrics page featured in the CD booklet of Welcome to Vas Llegas.

Dive in head first and breathe
With his one eye, he swims and sees
A light burning for free
That's cool and clean

But still, he just can't reach
He can stretch but it's too deep
So he rocks himself to sleep
And dreams up dreams again

Everywhere he goes he sings
"Like Presley, I'll be king"
"I'm king"

Well, he lives on velvet songs
And stories of love that's long
Long in heart, not time
And like the sky

So he moves it on again
He packed his crown and wiped his chin
And left a glass of gin
With a rumor, he could fly

Everywhere he goes he sings
"Like Presley, I'll be king"
"I'm king"

"I will find it, understand"
"And I will build with my own hands"
"My own Graceland"

So he shifts to breakneck speed
Past the last to take the lead
And finally could see her bed won't stain

So she smiled full and beamed
And said her name was Coochaline
His fire made her steam
So they rode like a train

Everywhere he goes he sings
"Like Presley, I'll be king"
"I'm king"
"Oh yeah, I'm king"

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