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The Make Believe Demos were recordings made by Weezer in November 2003 that led directly into the first of three recording sessions, which resulted in the completion of album Make Believe.


The term Make Believe Demos is often used as a blanket term to decribe any recordings made by Weezer between the completion of the albums Maladroit and Make Believe. These include the spring/summer 2002 Album 5 Demos, the late 2002/early 2003 S.I.R. Demos, and the mid-2003 Acoustic Office Demos.

In November 2003, in preparation for a fifth album, true pre-production demos were recorded. These demos differ rather strongly in sound from the aforementioned prior sessions, and reflect a closer sound to what Make Believe would actually sound like. The band was indeed beginning to hone in on a final recording.

List of songs

The following songs were rehearsed and recorded in November 2003:

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