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The S.I.R. Demos were a series of sessions by Weezer at S.I.R. Studios from September 2002 through May of 2003.


After the Enlightenment Tour, Weezer regained focus on a fifth album. After a session for commentary for the eventual DVD, the band reconvened in September of 2002 at S.I.R. Studios to begin tracking new demos. Unfortunately, Pat was unable to attend at first, so super-sub skinsman Josh Freese was called to sit in. Also, Brian was unable to attend certain sessions, and several of the sessions were Rivers-only recordings.

Eventually, everyone got back on the same page, and the sessions quickly evolved into mainly acoustic recordings and rehearsals. A staggering amount of recordings were made, of mostly new songs, over an eight month span. There were occasional shifts of venue, such as Rod Cervera's studio, but the vast majority were tracked at S.I.R. Occasional Rivers solo home demos were made, and the band even squeezed in an acoustic show at The Hotel Cafe on 11/3/02, and their cover of Green Day's "Worry Rock", which appeared on the 2003 compilation A Different Shade Of Green: A Tribute To Green Day. In June of 2003, the sessions became mainly acoustic, and shifted to an office space rented by the band. These so-called Acoustic Office Demos carried forward through early November.

The individual sessions at S.I.R. are far too numerous to list here (please see Page 14 of the Weezer Recording History), but the myriad songs tracked or rehearsed at one time or another at S.I.R. include:

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