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Minimum R&B

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Minimum R&B
Minimum R&B cover
Studio album by Service Group
Released 2003
Length 35:49
Label Squid Vs. Whale
Service Group chronology
Minimum R&B
Principals Of Electronic Circuitry

Minimum R&B is the first album by the band Service Group. Ryen Slegr is a credited musician on the album.

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Service Group. 
No. Title Length
1. "Dream Vs. Dreamer"   2:28
2. "C.M.E.M."   3:34
3. "No One You'd Know"   4:15
4. "Good Mourning (Take It Like a Mantra)"   3:26
5. "Manufacto"   4:17
6. "Seaside"   4:32
7. "Nikki's Gone"   3:28
8. "Trusty Ground"   5:04
9. "Pause and Refresh"   4:41
Total length:

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