Mr. Blue Veins

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"Mr. Blue Veins"
Mr. Blue Veins cover
Album track by Carnival Art
Album Thrumdrone
Released August 13, 1991
Recorded Unknown
Length 3:43
Label Beggars Banquet
Writer(s) Carnival Art, Michael P. Tak
Status Officially released
Thrumdrone track listing
"Mr. Blue Veins"
"Ruth's Advice"

Mr. Blue Veins is the eleventh track from Carnival Art's 1991 album Thrumdrone.


"Mr. Blue Veins" was written about a neighbor of the band's, Horace Blue Veins. It originally appeared on the Dig EP. The video for this song appeared on the "Water Safety" episode of Beavis & Butt-head circa 93/94. the video depics a old man holding his breath until his face turns blue while the band start playing around him there are also sceans of clay aminmated faces deforming and spazeing out


watch out mary here comes horse he is buried in styo foam licks our tv sleeps by sunshine

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