Mr. Blue Veins

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"Mr. Blue Veins"
Mr. Blue Veins cover
Album track by Carnival Art
Album Thrumdrone
Released August 13, 1991
Recorded Unknown
Length 3:43
Label Beggars Banquet
Writer(s) Carnival Art, Michael P. Tak
Status Officially released
Thrumdrone track listing
"Mr. Blue Veins"
"Ruth's Advice"

Mr. Blue Veins is the eleventh track from Carnival Art's 1991 album Thrumdrone.


"Mr. Blue Veins" was written about a neighbor of the band's, Horace Blue Veins.[citation needed] It originally appeared on the Dig EP. A music video was made for this song, and it aired on Beavis and Butthead on April 7, 1994 as a part of the episode "Water Safety." At the time of this episode airing, Carnival Art had been broken up for a year and bassist Brian Bell's new band Weezer were a month away from releasing their debut self-titled album..


Music video

Beavis & Butthead appearance


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Watch out Mary here comes Horace
He has buried his telephone
Lives on TV sleeps by sunshine
To keep the light from his naked bones

From when he was six weeks he'd hold air in his cheeks
To push the buttons of a lucky few
Now self suffocation is his recreation
He says it's safer than sniffing glue

Mr. Blue Veins

He pushed for contact but she wouldn't play
So he held his breath again to get his way
Mary said look here I met you yesterday
So take your blue face and get out of my way

Now Horace he hit back hard
He shut his mouth with clothespins, taped up his nostrils
And sprawled on her floor
Mary have in slowly and just when he passed out
Pulled off the pins and tape and gave him CPR

Mr. Blue Veins

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