Mrs. Pear's Reptile Homework

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"Mrs. Pear's Reptile Homework"
Mrs. Pear's Reptile Homework cover
Album track by Carnival Art
Album Thrumdrone
Released August 13, 1991
Recorded Unknown
Length 3:11
Label Beggars Banquet
Writer(s) Carnival Art, Michael P. Tak
Status Officially released
Thrumdrone track listing
"Bigger Things"
"Mrs. Pear's Reptile Homework"

"Mrs. Pear's Reptile Homework" is the sixteenth and final track from Carnival Art's 1991 album "Thrumdrone."


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I casually pressed my face against the glass
Tried to see in, but by then I was asked
What the hell you doin? said some know-it-all jerk
Shouldn't you be studying or doin' homework

I broke my pencil, the window and interrupted class
The teacher said come in and take a desk in the back
You've missed chapters two, three, five and by tomorrow seven
So sharpen your pencil and get the notes from Kevin

Mrs. Pear

The overhead projector reminded me of your smile
Throwing light everywhere but without any style
It just splashed the walls with meaningless figures
Your mouth was the hammer
My eyes were the trigger

Then she started sweatin' and began to grin
Rocked back in her chair
And casually broke wind
So I asked her a question do reptiles have hair?
She said I only know numbers go ask Mrs. Pear

Mrs. Pear

I think I owe it all to Mrs. Pear

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