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Neto cover
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Album Alone VI: The Black Room
Released 2020
Recorded 1999
Length 1:05
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
RC# 350
COR# 47
Status Demo circulating
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
(RC# 349)
(RC# 350)
"Fits in the Blood"
(RC# 351)

"Neto" is a demo by Rivers Cuomo.



The song was among hundreds of Cuomo's demos leaked online in November of 2020, and was later released as part of the digital compilation Alone VI: The Black Room in 2020. A similarly-named song, "Neto II", is listed in the Catalog O' Riffs (COR# 52), but is not currently in circulation.


See you then
Oh, Neto come and then you'll be my friend
Tell you why
Neto come and punch him in the eye

No, I shouldn't talk to a boy like you
I shouldn't talk 'cause my heart sees through
I shouldn't talk to a na na na

See you wait
Neto come and don't get in my way

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