Ozma concert: 04/10/1998

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Ozma concert: 04/10/1998
Ozma concert: 04/10/1998 cover
Venue Crystal Marquis
Location Whittier, CA
Date April 10, 1998
Supporting acts Tomracer, Teen Heroes, Earlies
Ozma live show chronology
Ozma concert: 04/01/1998 Ozma concert: 04/10/1998 Ozma concert: 05/08/1998

Ozma performed at Crystal Marquis in Whittier, California on April 10, 1998. This was the first of two events dubbed "Pop Rocks", the second being Ozma concert: 06/25/1998.


No. Title
1. "Lately"    
2. "Flight of the Bootymaster"    
3. "Los Angeles"    
4. "Iceland"    
5. "Natalie Portman"    
6. "Just Tell Me When"    
7. "Rain of the Golden Gorilla"    
8. "Lorraine"    
9. "If My Amp Had Wheels"    
10. "Baseball"    
11. "Maybe in an Alternate Dimension"    

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