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Ozmafans.com interview with Patrick Edwards - May 2002

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Original article (archived by Wayback Machine): https://web.archive.org/web/20030327010858/http://www.ozmafans.com/pages.php?id=int_pat_20020526

Interview with Pat, 5.26.2002

Gabriel: So, how was the tour?

Pat: very well.

Gabriel: How does it feel to go from playing clubs, to huge hockey arenas, and then to clubs again?

Pat: they both feel very different... the transition is probably more difficult for the singers than myself as a drummer... i'm in the back doing my thing either way. they have to stand up in front and look at the 150 people rocking out in front of stage at a hockey arena and the 9 thousand people sitting in the seats behind just watching... versus 150 people rocking out down in front of the stage at a small club... that's more intimate sort of cause your all just in a small room connecting... In the large arenas your connecting but a ton of people are sitting back watching. it's strange. of course =w= rocks out the entire arena... that's a site to see.

Gabriel: Do you think fan reception is better or worse in such a huge setting?

Pat: well, there's a larger percentage of the audience by far that aren't there for us... so by default they are just sort of watching and listening... we haven't had any major problems at the large venues... reception has always been better than expected. but of course at a small club where everyone is there for you it's quite different. either way we're out there trying to rock out and have a good time.

Gabriel: What are your fans like?

Pat: i couldn't really cut it down to one description for ozma fans. mostly they are [high-school] kids... committed to the wide variety of music they listen to.

Gabriel: I'm a drummer myself, and you are a major influence. what are some of your influences/inspirations?

Pat: since i've been playing drums i can't listen to a band and not notice the drummer or the rythem first. it's a habit i'm sure you can understand. i started liking lars from metallica around early late middleschool early HS. from there i got into bands like nirvana and then weezer. since then it's just went out from there... i like the drummers for bands like radiohead and ben folds five, jimmy from smashing pumpkins is always awesome. i'd say dave grohl / pat wilson are the two most influential.

Gabriel: radiohead really rules. what are some of your current favourite albums/bands/nintendo games?

Pat: i'll start last and say i don't really play much nintendo anymore. i had an n64 and loved 007 and perfect dark for that. got a ps2 recently and loved grand theft auto III so i just got max payne this week and actually just finished the game today. gran tourismo is great for that system, as well as nhl2002. bands / albums: last album i bought was maladroit by weezer and its rocking as to be expected. i just got the ben kweller cd (we had played with him in NY city on our last tour) and some bob dylan. otherwise i'm listening to a lot of led zepplin and ac/dc and really can't wait for the new albums by rilo kiley and nada surf.

Gabriel: Ozma has been pretty busy lately, what do you do when you manage to find some free time?

Pat: play video games, go on the internet and email, go to shows and hang out with my friends mainly. i have a little studio at my house that i was working on recording some bands before the tour and i hope to keep doing that as well.

Gabriel: If you weren't drumming in Ozma, what would you be doing?

Pat: well i was in college up until last year when i graduated. i was studying philosophy and would probably have applyed to grad schools to keep doing that. i still hope to do that at some point, whenever the committments to the band are minimal, i'd love to get my phd in philosophy and try to get a position at a university. that's a long way down the road, and i'd be lucky to get to that point cause it's hard work.

Gabriel: When playing a show, are there any songs in the set you can't wait to play?

Pat: i'm not usually looking ahead in the set. i have to check the setlist just to see whats next. and i love playing all the songs, of course some at times more than others. but yeah, i can't say i look forward to any one song. korobeiniki usually gets a good crowd reaction so that's always a high point.

Gabriel: Do you ever pop some Ozma in your stereo and rock out?

Pat: on rare occasion i'll throw it on in the car or on the stereo at home and if i do i'll usually enjoy getting rocked out.

Gabriel: Would Ozma tour with a huge band like weezer again or do you feel you've established enough of a fanbase to do things on your own from now on?

Pat: I hope we're getting to the point where we can go out accross the US or even to japan or europe and do well playing shows on our own. but i would never pass up the opportunity to tour with a larger band like weezer or whomever simply because i think we're doing well on our own. i tend to think that being able to tour with those sorts of bands is just a sign that you are doing well. that aside it's an honor to open up a show for any band that you respect.

Gabriel: It's going to be a long summer for Ozma. Do you plan on debuting any new songs on the Warped tour?

Pat: We are always working on new material and start playing them whenever we think the time is right. the "doubble donkey disc" will be out on kung fu records june 25th i believe, so even though our warped tour set will be 30 minutes (i think), we should have some diversity between songs off that album, "rock and roll part three" and a few new songs.

Gabriel: I'll be seeing you in Buffalo, i can't wait! well, Pat, thanks for your time and good luck on the Warped tour & Summersonic festival this summer!

Pat: thanks :-)

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