Hold Me

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"Hold Me"
Hold Me cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Make Believe
Released May 10, 2005
Format CD, Vinyl
Recorded December 2003 - Summer 2004 (Demo recorded March 6, 2003)
Length 4:23
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
COR# 426
Producer(s) Weezer, Rick Rubin, Chad Bamford
Status Officially released (demo circulating)
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Make Believe track listing
"This Is Such A Pity"
"Hold Me"

"Hold Me" is the fourth track from Make Believe.



Weezer fans first heard "Hold Me" as an acoustic demo, recorded by Rivers Cuomo on March 6, 2003 and thereafter shared with fans online. It was one of the last demos Cuomo shared with fans during this period. Cuomo wrote the song after a period of fasting, though he made himself clear in various interviews in 2005 that he did not recommend such drastic measure to create songwriting opportunities because it could not be sustained. Therefore, he was always somewhat reluctant to share with people how "Hold Me" was written. The song was later heard by fans when a brief clip recorded at S.I.R. Studios was uploaded for fans featuring part of the solo and the final chorus, backed by a whole band. Karl Koch explained,

"There is a (partial) full band electric version of "Hold Me" that was shared with fans by Rivers via a direct-to-fan mp3 sharing, around this time, soon after the acoustic home demo of Hold Me was released (see 3/6/03 above). It does not show up on the known SIR tapes from this period, but there was a lot of confusion and some unfinished/undocumented stuff around this time so it may have slipped away from the cataloging process. According to the talk at the time, the personnel on this recording is Rivers and Scott plus 2 fill in players. This does match what was going on in the SIR sessions at the time."

"Hold Me" was almost always on Rivers' "A-List" during the Make Believe pre-production. It was only once removed from the A-List on a July 4, 2004 Recording session. "Hold Me" was often played live during the first Make Believe tour.

Band Commentary


Pat: It’s just beautiful; it’s huge-sounding
Rivers: I think I was trying a foolish experiment of fasting and seeing how that would affect my songwriting. So, I think I was extremely hungry when I wrote that song.
Brian: I can’t say anything better than that! But it’s a powerful song dynamically. It’s really ballsy to play that song, to have Rivers do an intro that long before the band kicks in is a little bit frightening. And it seems to work; it has a very grandiose impact.
Rivers: When the back-up vocals come in in the second verse, that’s one of my favorite moments ever on a Weezer record.
Scott: It’s just an example, for me, of playing as little as possible and it sounds so much bigger by playing the tiniest amount of bass. As light and small as I could, winds up being just twice as big.
Brian: For some reason I liken it to ‘Say It Ain’t So’….and I don’t know why. I think it’s just the mellow verse into the huge chorus. It’s a great change.




"Electric" clip

Album version


I am terrified of all things
Frightened of the dark
I am
You are taller than a mountain
Deeper than the sea
You are

Hold me
Hold me
Take me with you 'cause I'm lonely

I was closer to you back then
I was happier
I was
You are fading further from me
Why don't you come home to me?

Hold me
Hold me
Take me with you 'cause I'm lonely

I am
I am cold
Hold me

Hold me
Hold me
Take me with you 'cause I'm lonely
Hold me
Hold me
Take me with you 'cause I'm lonely
Hold me
Hold me

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