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Poor Me

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"Poor Me"
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Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Released November 22, 2020
Recorded 2003 or 2004
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
COR# 426
Status Released

This song is part of the "Hold Me" (COR# 426) lineage of songs

"Poor Me" is a demo by Rivers Cuomo. The song was released on Alone IX: The Make Believe Years. It is a variation of the song "Hold Me."



In February of 2003, producer Rick Rubin gave Rivers Cuomo a copy of Daniel Ladinsky's book The Gift: Poems of Hafiz, which inspired Cuomo to explore various spiritual poetry (e.g. the works of Hafiz, Rumi, and Kabir) and texts such as the Tao Te Ching.[1] Hoping to connect with his musical creativity through self-effacement, Cuomo wrote "Hold Me" during a period of fasting.[2][3] "Poor Me" is a higher-tempo variation on "Hold Me," recorded at an unknown date.

Known recordings

Performer(s) Title Filename Date of recording Recording location Length Appeared on Notes
Rivers Cuomo Poor Me 426 Poor Me.mp3 2003/2004 3:36 Alone IX: The Make Believe Years
For other songs from this song lineage, see "Hold Me."
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I don't know where I am going
I don't know where I have been
I just run around in circles
Regretting the state I'm in

Poor me, poor me
Poor me, poor me

I'm too scared to show my feelings
I'm afraid to let things out
So I stifle my potential
Wallowing in my self-doubt

Poor me, poor me
Poor me, poor me

I am
I am cold
Poor me

I am making myself sick now
With this self-defeating move
But I don't know what else to do
... attitude

Poor me, poor me
Poor me, poor me

See also

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  3. Riesman, Abe J. "Rivers' End: The Director's Cut" The Harvard Crimson. 26 April 2006.