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Reddit Q&A with Karl Koch - September 24, 2013

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Karl Koch announces his AMA on r/weezer via Twitter

Reddit Q&A with Karl Koch - September 24, 2013
[Original thread]

(is this the right way to start it?)

karlophone: oh cool. hi folks

weezr4eva: hey karl! any plans for a blue album deluxe vinyl issue for the 20th anniversary of blue next year?? would love to have my evaline on wax

karlophone: the MFSL blue LP is the definitive blue re-issue now. but its true theres never been vinyl of the bonus disc from the deluxe blue. I pushed for that, but MFSL doesnt do collections and non-original albums, only re-dos of "classic albums". So we would have to find another vinyl company to do it. Ill push for it, its worth getting that disc on LP.

King_Tom: Hey Karl. Thanks for doing this.

karlophone: my pleasure. it feels a little overdue. i remember doing fan interviews and some chat room stuff but that feels like a long time ago now.

karlophone: i assume i have to keep refreshing to see questions?

burndtjamb2000: Hey Karl!

Why did the SFTBH band recordings and the additional tracking roughs get removed from PDE? How do they differ from what we've already heard?

How much extra work was done to the songs on DTFM/Tragic Girl?

Has the band recorded anything since Hurley?

Will the recording history ever get updated past the Make Believe era?

Are there any plans for a Green Deluxe?

karlophone: 1. they were too rough from the band and rivers standpoints - musically embarassing, it overrode the historical importance. I respect their feelings on this, i was only trying to put everything that was related to pinkerton out but understand not all of it was quality from a musicians standpoint. The Blast Off that the band did in '95 in particular had a very different drum pattern that wasnt what Rivers was looking for.

karlophone: 1. not much - there were 2 takes of the song that were combined but after that there was still a line of lyrics that was missing, so Rivers had to find the old lyric sheet (we didnt know what the words were) and re-sing that one line. Plus there was a guitar part that needed doubling, it was only on one side of the stereo image.

[deleted]: Which line?

karlophone: honestly no memory at the moment. id have to listen to it.

karlophone: 1. yes, the state farm and radiohead songs, which were done with the band all together in a room, which accounts for them sounding the way they do, more classic weezer. then theres been some demo recordings, some just rivers, some rivers and some band members. very rough to somewhat polished. just to try out things.

karlophone: recording history will get updated past make believe, apologies for the lapse in that and other historical website areas.

karlophone: i am not sure but i will push for it - theres SO MUCH material that could go on a deluxe disc

caseyl: Are there Ocasek-produced versions of the SS2K songs?

karlophone: i dont think so.

DannyButler: Hey Karl, I was just wondering why you think Rivers changed his sound so much in between Pinkerton and The Green Album? Thanks :)

karlophone: tough question, i think he was intending on a return to the blue sound, by getting Ric Ocasek to produce again and "keeping it simple" after pinkerton "failed".

DannyButler: Why do you think Pinkerton "failed"?

Luke_Weezer: He's referring to the lack of commercial success of the album and critical review. Rolling stone actually gave it a scathing review when it came out and the album was seen as "failed"

elscorcho0o0o0o: I think DannyButler is asking why, in Karl's opinion, did Pinkerton fail commercially and critically.

Luke_Weezer: Ah, my mistake!

karlophone: i feel it was a very different sound than the "Buddy Holly" weezer the kids were expecting, PLUS there was an initial lack of publicity and interviews, because of Rivers wanting the work to stand on its own merits. That took 5 years to kick in unfortunately. in the meantime it could have used better promotion.

Luke_Weezer: Would you say the litigation from Pinkerton Securities hurt too? Or was that just a minor obstacle

karlophone: nah that was minor and sorta lol 2 days after it was resolved. scary at the time.

caseyl: Hi Karl. Do you think you might ever create a book or something that compiles your creative endeavors (as relating to Weezer or otherwise)?

karlophone: this is actually in the planning stage.

[deleted]: Okay, so I have a few questions (if this gets seen):

1. When will we hear "I've Thrown it All Away", and why was it removed from Alone 2?
2. Back at the Orlando Pinkerton show, I asked you if there were any plans for more Southern Fried Swing. You laughed. Should I take that as a no?
3. When you and the band recorded the third demo tape, how did you pull it off without the studio owners knowing (at least, that's what the Weezerpedia page says)?
4. Is "I Can't Forget the Way" as good as I imagine (pretty damn good)?

karlophone: one:i dont know, and i dont know. maybe Rivers is saving it for something else. two: haha - no, that didnt mean no. theres definitely plenty enough material for another SFS. We'll get it together when we can. Bandcamp or something. three: it was a garage studio and the guy who owned the place was out of town, the engineer (Jon Pikus) knew the people who lived at the house and somehow convinced them not to tell the guy what we were doing there for 2 days. four: its so epic man.

[deleted]: If you have the time, another question: Is the alleged video footage of the band performing in 1992/1993 (mentioned in the Super-Chrono) ever going to be released, or has it degraded too much after 20 years?

karlophone: i archived all video (that i have) to DV tapes so its safe.

[deleted]: Did you watch last night's episode of Breaking Bad?! Intense, right?!

As for a Weezer-related thingy, whatever happened to the former singer of Weeze?

EDIT: Just remembered that was 2 nights ago.

karlophone: yeah BB is freaking amazing and so dark. my fave shows are the wire, b bad, madmen, boardwalk empire.

Elisha Cuthbert who played the weeze singer (that was a fictional history..) continues to act as far as i know.

DannyButler: What's your favourite band other than Weezer?

karlophone: all time fave band is the Clash

DannyButler: They did an AMA like a day ago!

karlophone: i missed it :/ but i only have one question, regarding why they wont release the "rat partrol at ft bragg" early mixes of combat rock. they released literally everything else in the box set.

username: Karl! What's up man! Huge fan I'm fairly new to Reddit as well, so I'll give this a try and we can help eachother out.

I have 2 questions. I apologize that the first one is a little whiney. Haha.

1. I was at Music Midtown this past Saturday and was gonna see Weezer for the first time, but got stuck in line and missed their entire set. I live in Knoxville, Tennessee (which if I'm not mistaken is where Brian is from) and I was wondering if the guys were planning anything remotely near me. At this point, I would basically travel any distance to see them though.
2. Now a legitimate question that you actually can answer: Which Weezer album (in your opinion) is the most underrated, including, if not especially, in the fan community?

karlophone: one: no chance in 2013, but i understand there will be a good deal of shows in 2014, so hopefully!! two: id say Make Believe. I do realize its got Beverly Hills on it (which ive come to understand as a fun sing along in the live show) but besides that its packed with some great songs. Other way? pity? damage? peace? these are all great. My best friend catches a lot of shit and i see why, its a shame as an earlier version i thought was amazing.

karlophone: oh and ive come to realize "drugs" is kinda killer - recent live shows prove it.

Lynne8899: Hi Karl! I just created a reddit account and I'm not too sure on how to use this, but wanted to thank you for all that you do for us weezer fans. We truly appreciate it. :) ~ Toni-Lynne

karlophone: hey thank you too. Fans make the world go around.

TyrannosaurusHives: Hey Karl, just a few quick questions

1) When is the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab of Make Believe actually going to be released? It keeps getting pushed back and I want to get my hands on it!

2) I was reading recently that Robert Sledge of Ben Folds Five was in consideration to replace Matt Sharp after Sharp's departure. What was selecting a new bassist like and why was Mikey ultimately chosen?

3) A question that will undoubtedly be asked lots, but what's next up for Weezer after the cruise? Any new material in the pipeline?

Thanks for doing this man, and happy 17th birthday to Pinkerton!

karlophone: one - ive seen pix of people holding it - i think its out but maybe not in stock at some outlets? two - they did try some guys out in the spring/summer of '98, he might have been one of them? Pat Finn was in for like a week, but then that didnt work out. Brian has recalled it was hell, he hated the awkwardness of the process. Mikey called Rivers and basically said "look we ruled together back in Boston (at the rc solo shows/homie shows in late 97/early 98, where mikey was bass player for some of the shows), give me a shot man!" Rivers said ok but i cant play favorites even though youre my buddy - we gotta try you out same as anyone else" - Mikey said "no problem - im getting that job", and so he did. three: i know there will be more shows in 2014. as for new material, i have a feeling there will be some coming down the pike. (IE i cant really talk about it but ive heard things...)

Yankeehero: How is the personal relationship between all the band members and yourself? Rumors often go around about Rivers' strange behavior, him and Brian fighting on stage, Scott trying to take musical control. How is it been different over the years?

karlophone: oh my goodness its gone thru many many phases, some totally weird. currently and since i'd say 2011 or so its been pretty consistently good - No fights or weirdness, beyond occasional minor things. Personally I get along with everyone pretty good, with minor variations depending on moods and circumstances - thats just life you know? Rivers has changed up his game several times, and has been hard to communicate during some phases. but i really feel since the red album, its been getting better and better. there were some low points scattered throughout 2000-2003. i feel its the result of the guys turning from kids into adults - some crises along the way.

9FingeredFrodo: Hi Karl, did you ever hear that Special Goodness album Pat recorded with Atom and Scott Shriner around 2005? Did it sound anything like Land Air Sea or Natural?

karlophone: it was heavy and loud and rocking. But i guess pat didnt feel the songs were strong enough. i recall liking it a lot. it sounded more like the SG sounded when they played live in '00 (mikey tours), more "heavy" less "indie"

robertcha: Hi Karl, thank you for all you've done.

Rivers once said his goal was to write perfect pop songs as efficiently as a machine. I see Green and more specifically, Maladroit + and the scrapped A5 demos as THE MACHINE RUNNING.

As someone that was around during this period, what was it like to deal with so much content, and what were attitudes towards it within the organization?

Bonus question: Will Rivers ever clear the vault with a digital box or subscription service? If so, he's already got my money.

karlophone: it was bewildering and fun to process the constant new info. I could sense during it that there should be amore editing going on, as opposed to a mad rush to get everything out right away. I feel Maladroit could have been better in places, and the scrapped album 5 stuff could have been re-visited. But it all worked out ok, and who knows down the line. bonus answer: kinda doubt hed go for a full on everything release. but more Alones are possible i suppose.

Luke_Weezer: Mad Kow is such a good song!

karlophone: hell yes and the very first demo of it, with Mikey in may 2000, is an all time fave of mine. so ethereal and mellow and heavy. like the Psychedelic Furs or something.

caseyl: Who or what are your influences when it comes to video editing/direction/production? The clips you make have a very unique kind of sensibility and energy to them.

karlophone: wow thanks - i honestly dont know because ive never studied film (and it shows!! haha). but i do remember being utterly fascinated with the first 2 Powell Peralta" videos back in th emid 80s - Stacey Peraltas music choices were pretty amazing looking back on it - and his editing was both smooth and totally random. Maybe that somehow did something. Oh and old monty python shows. I do like me some non sequitur.

caseyl: Cool! I will have to look up those old Powell Peralta videos. I just saw "Video Days" for the first time recently and really loved it. What kind of set up are you editing on, out of curiosity?

karlophone: i use sony vegas 10 on a dell laptop (haha so not cool)

DannyButler: What influence do you think Matt had on the band and how do you think that changed when he left to do The Rentals?

karlophone: I feel like Matt created an environment early on where Rivers felt more confident and empowered. Matt had a lot of drive and social ability where Rivers had tons of music talent but was socially awkward. So his departure, (while i think RC initially welcomed it because Matt was doing more and more stuff for his own projects and was less and less at the ready for whatever RC wanted to do), meant RC had to find his own voice and presence as the leader of the band - Matt provided a sort of crutch socially. Its taken Rivers many years and many phases to get more comfortable in that role. (in my opinion)

DannyButler: Do you think that Matt helped to give the first two albums the darker, fuzzier sound that was absent in later releases?

karlophone: i dont think he influenced that aspect. He certainly contributed to the craziness of Pinkerton, but they all did.

elscorcho0o0o0o: Hey Kar! I'm a huge fan and very thankful for everything you've done for weezer.

Is there any gossip you can share about a possible new album? I remember seeing a few cool videos that Rivers posted on weezer.com a couple years ago. Did anything every come of that?

Also, Video Capture Device is one of my favourite things ever. You guys totally need to make another one! I know you have the footage!

karlophone: you will have to wait longer for any definitive info re: new material/new album plans. (so will i haha) VCD2: we have a plan to do a series of new DVDs but its semi on hold or now. the idea was do it like the Bootleg series, so they were print on demand, and not a endless process to make super polished. Self released. Thats the idea, and yes theres a TON of material...

9FingeredFrodo: Have you heard anything about what Rivers is intending to do for the next Weezer album?

karlophone: some things that are not ready for sharing yet, sorry.

Luke_Weezer: Karl!

We met after the Buffalo show last year and this year after Toronto! I also awkwardly asked you about sunscreen.

I was wondering about the status of the Weezer DVD's...seemed like they kinda dropped off the face of the earth!

Also, did Jen or anyone else on the production crew ever find my cooler with Scott's cake in it? lol.

Tell Elliot i said Woof.


karlophone: never found the cooler?!?! wth.

see above for DVD talk!

Bartolos_Cologne: Any update on Video Capture Device 2 or did that get scrapped?

TyrannosaurusHives: This must be answered

karlophone: see above. yes but maybe not as "VCD2" - a series of self produced dvds to get out all the good stuff.

King_Tom: 1) Is there any chance we'll ever hear Damn That Wine, Cherry Berry, a full band Baby, Girls Soccer or more of any of the other songs Rivers and the band worked on in '98?

2) What was the deal with the 'sea opera'-themed demo clips the band released online in early '11?

3) Can you share anything about why the band parted ways with Rick Rubin and Jacknife Lee?

4) Is Rivers planning on any more Pinkerton Diaries-style publications? I think I read back in the day he wanted to start a volume from Weezer's first practice through 5/10/94. And I think the end of the Pinkerton Diaries would nicely lead into a sequel that takes place from the fall of '97 through the release of Green.

karlophone: one - id rule nothing out when it comes to weezer. two: I guess Rivers just wanted to share what he was up to at that moment three: no need to get too into it now, as all are on good terms now, and it was never a dispute etc. Rick was producing MB from afar, and the band wanted it like that - we'll show you what were doing, you comment and guide us. Jacknife produced the stuff he did and it was going good, and then Rivers had more material but by then Jacknife was busy and they just went ahead and recorded the rest of raditude with Rich Costey (who was the mixer but can produce too). four - it seems thats off his radar at the moment but dont count it out - hes got al that material at least semi prepared somewhere.

aroa121: You take tons of video and photos at Weezer shows. Any plans for this material beyond posting photos and the occasional video online?

karlophone: yeah the idea is bootleg DVDs which are on hold for now. so i just gather and gather. partly the pix are just to share on the site and on FB, just keep the fans current. But also its to get good images for future books, art stuff, etc. Clearly i take more than we need, but if 500 pix yield one amazing one, its worth it.

DannyButler: Some members of the Weezer community feel that Weezer "sold out" with albums like Make Believe and Hurley. What's your opinion on this?

karlophone: i instantly dismiss any talk of selling out, its ignorant talk based on assuming weezer was like pavement or something originally. They sold 3 million Blue albums and liked it. And these days, im sorry but if you want a band to stay alive, you do need to get paid. Artistically ill talk about albums all day long. MB as i mentioned above i feel is unfairly maligned mostly, Hurley doesnt feel solid enough to me.

DannyButler: Is there a better recording of Lullabye for Wayne that we haven't seen yet?

karlophone: dont think so. an earlier demo exists. not as together.

caseyl: Nerdy question alert: was Mikey wearing Kurt Cobain's actual sweater from the "Teen Spirit" video in this photo? What was the story behind that, if any?

karlophone: just a similar sweater

weezr4eva: hiya Karl! Love the bootlegs you guys make available in the store. How about releasing some historical bootlegs? ie: bootlegs you made of the band before the blue album came out (brians first shows, ect) Be cool to hear how raw they sounded live back then.

MitzyPeow: Great idea, "historical" bootlegs would be awesome

karlophone: We heard ya, and the data mining has commenced to see what is worthy of release. there was recordings made of (some not all) shows from 2000-2002 for sure. and 2005 i think. and 2008+. the question is do they sound good, does the band like how they sound. each show must be checked to see if its worth doing. pre 2000 ive got a lot of audience tapes and such, many which never made it to the trading circles. but some sound horrible.

weezr4eva: what about the early days? did you record the guys early shows?

very interested to hear how raw they sounded back then.

i think the earliest weezer bootleg that is out there trading is from 1994.

karlophone: ive got the only pre 1994 stuff that i know of. i got a bit of that on the VCD as you know. theres more, some is pretty cool. some has bad audio. ive got some 90s shows i dont think ever circulated. We recorded one show in 94 that you hear surf wax from on that bside. the rest of the show exists. might sound bad idk.

DannyButler: Why do you think Weezer started playing almost exclusively Pinkerton/Blue?

karlophone: i dont agree thats what happened... so IDK.

Luke_Weezer: Will Weezer's next studio endeavours be more independant? Or are the guys planning on working with a producer etc... Plans to stay with Epitaph?

karlophone: see above - all this is under wraps currently

hadokenzero: Do you think the band plans to achieve that "Classic Weezer" sound you speak of on future recordings/a future album?

karlophone: i believe that is a consideration, and will factor in when the time comes.

DannyButler: What's your favourite Weezer album?

karlophone: overall? probably pinkerton bc its got "falling for you" on it, my #1 weezer song.

weezerista: What will we see or hear from weezer on the cruise in February? What kinds of sets would you like to see?

karlophone: id like to see things they havent played live before, or in a long time. IDK what the actual plans are yet.

weezr4eva: Will you ever release the rest of the "Fallen Soldiers" from Make Believe? It would be cool to hear the rest of the songs that almost made the album.

karlophone: IMHO that would be good material for a MB deluxe edition

DannyButler: How prophetic was "El Scorcho"? (he ended up marrying a Japanese girl!)

karlophone: it was half prophetic! rimshot

DannyButler: What's your favourite Weezer song not on an album?

karlophone: you havent heard it :D

DannyButler: Your drumming on Butterfly is the greatest drum line of all time. Phil Collins better look out...

karlophone: bows

aroa121: To what extent did fan pressure play a role in the band playing songs like "Blast Off!," "Longtime Sunshine," and "IJTOTLOMD" live for the first time?

karlophone: it definitely played in!

TyrannosaurusHives: How did you originally get involved with the band?

karlophone: i moved to LA, following my buddy pat finn, from buffalo, in July 91. between '88 an '90 Pat finn met and introduced to each other: wilson, Rivers, jason cropper, matt sharp (and others!). i moved into an apt with Pat, Pat and Jason, and Rivers lived 1/2 mile away. no weezer for another 6 months. just other bands that died. when they finally started i offered to (continued to offer to) drive their gear to their shows. i liked the songs. thats how it started.

elscorcho0o0o0o: What's the one unreleased song that you wish we could all hear?

karlophone: probably "ive thrown it all away", as far as oldies. it would probaly be a let down at first, but ill tell ya, it grew on me and ill never forget it.

stoopkid94: Hey Karl! Quick thanks for all your hard work that you put in, we all appreciate it greatly!

I am currently a senior at one of the State Universities of New York studying Music Industry. Live sound and concert production are my favorite aspects, and I was wondering if we could set up some sort of internship. I'll do anything, including fetch coffee! lol

karlophone: i dont got that power. good luck bro!

TyrannosaurusHives: Who should we contact?

karlophone: weezer isnt looking for interns tbh... i think you need to get in with a studio, of course finding a big studio thats still thriving is the challenge now. everything is going into small private studios it seems. but some biggies still exist.

Miss_Torture: Will Weezer ever tour in England

karlophone: someday im sure. thanks for waiting.

weezr4eva: Karl - would LOVE IT if you would post some more old school pictures of the guys recording the Blue Album. To be a fly on the wall there...

karlophone: ok. the super chrono (on weezerpedia) will have tons more stuff - eventually.

zatchattack: Of all the years with Weezer, what memory sticks out to you the most? Bad or good?

Who is your favorite new/current artist?

Any news on a new Weezer album?

Thanks for doing this Karl!

karlophone: good: hearing Undone on the radio for the first time. "hey thats me going "uuhh!" lol bad: losing Mykel and Carli.

WeezergirlNY: Whats up Karl! It was great talking to you the other night in Cinci- The audio that night was amazing. Anyway, I have been speaking with alot of people who are very upset that Weezer will not be doing the sail away show. Is there anyway that the band will change their minds?

karlophone: i dont think so, this all got organized quite a while ago. weezer is still doing 3 shows. i dont know more detail yet.

aroa121: Were you at all nervous about playing the drum part to "Butterfly" at shows?

karlophone: yes! its such a simple part but you know how you can lose where you are and stumble? im paranoid about messing it up.

Zushi: Hi Karl! I loved the Memories tour. Are there any plans for new full album concerts with Green Album and beyond?

karlophone: not at the moment but i dont see why not someday?

weezr4eva: Did you make a bootleg of the very first weezer concert?? You know the fans would LOVE to hear that, or any other early era concerts!

karlophone: not of show #1 but - the first few years of the recording history on weezer.com i made from my personal collection that i recorded in the clubs - many of the first 20 shows i have. incl #2 i think.

nonamemaybe450: HI first off hope your well :D Second just wondering, I was at the show in Cincinnati last friday night and Rivers went on about the fact that you guys are a headlining band and seemed mad that you were going on at 2 the next day and if they kept putting you on early and earlier then you'd be headlining again... I was just wondering if that was pre thought of, or on the spot. Thanks :]

karlophone: on the spot. RC has a way of coming up with the oddest stuff on stage.

TyrannosaurusHives: Does Rivers have a bitchin' house?

karlophone: it is nice but not big.

weezr4eva: hiya karl - the band played a one-off acoustic gig at the hotel cafe in hollywood in 2003. are you aware that this is a holy grail? can you add this show to the bootleg series?? thanks karl!

username: I think at one point, someone asked Rivers about this and he thought it was out there (But it's not). The setlist:

11/03/02 Show: acoustic set at The Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles 1. 387 Yahoo 2. 360 Private message 3. 396 Cold glass of water 4. 390 Peace 5. 353 flown away 7. 397 Everybody Wants A Chance To Feel All Alone 8. 368 kings of money (a.k.a. prodigy lover) 9. 395 leave me alone

Yeah, definitely a holy grail.

karlophone: was that 2003? or december 2002? anyway, i thought for a while it was out, but yeah, no. tracklist from recording history? if so, that means theres a cd of it.

DannyButler: What's your funniest memory with the band?

karlophone: geez, maybe the prank brian and matt played on No Doubt in '97 on stage.

Yankeehero: I have a question bout Rivers. How does he get hooked up with these pop and hip hop people to feature in their songs? Does he seek it out? I'm talking Steve Aoki, Miranda Cosgrove, B.O.B., the guy that kind of co-wrote Can't Stop Partying.

karlophone: i think he makes enquiries, hes pretty fascinated with mixing it up with people and seeing what comes of it.

burndtjamb2000: What are the differences between the different versions of Trampoline that are in the recording history? How does Disco Queen sound in comparison to the other songs from those sessions?

karlophone: id have to dig them up and listen, and i may not have them. sorry.

[deleted]: Have any of you spoken with Jason since Rivers' wedding?

karlophone: yes he was at the SF show in July. hes a funny guy. he may have been stoned lol

Luke_Weezer: What would it take to get a remake of Thief You've Taken All That Was Me?

The guitar solo in that song rocks so hard...

karlophone: idk haha. id love it.

mmayor114: How did the collaboration with Hayley Williams for the Muppets album come about? Personally I loved the duet between her and Rivers as well as her appearance at a live show. Is there any hope in the future for another collaboration?

karlophone: i dont recall, Rivers might have reached out to her. and, maybe?

weezr4eva: hi karl - weezer is unique among bands with such a following in that there exists NO live bootlegs of the band during their formative years - 1992-1993. They are not trading in any circles and no one has heard what the band sounded like live in concert with Jason Cropper (aside from VCD).

being a clash fan, you must realize this is annoying for a hard core fan, right?? can you see if some of these can be released (even if they aren't perfect sounding??)

karlophone: see above. maybe, if the band approves.

DannyButler: Any chance of seeing any more Goat Punishment? haha

karlophone: haha id love there to be a GP set on the cruise.

DannyButler: What's your biggest contribution to the band (in your opinion)?

karlophone: my loyalty

DannyButler: When I saw Weezer in Sydney about a year ago, there was an intermission where you just chatted about the history of Weezer and I want to say that that was the best mid-show intermission Ive ever seen and I thought it was bloody brilliant

karlophone: thanks!!

DannyButler: Have you heard the album Rock and Roll Pt. 3 by Ozma? It's extremely Weezer-esque. It's definitely worth a listen if you haven't

karlophone: oh my god that album is the best! Rivers and myself were blown away by it when it came out ('99?)

fuckinDEAD: Will we ever see more of what's already "available" In Terms of the scrapped album 5 demos? To me it was one of the most exciting venture in weezers sound; they could have really re invented themselves there or rather it seemed like a logical progression in their sound

karlophone: if theres a maladroit or MB deluxe, maybe??

fuckinDEAD: Also will we ever get to hear what rivers did with Julian casablancas?

karlophone: maybe, nothing is ever "off limits" in weezer. well mostly haha

karlophone: GUYS - i gotta go! cutting off at 10 PM EST! pleez get in final Qs now if you got em! thanks!!!!

burndtjamb2000: How did Rivers feel about the 'crushing versions' leaking online? Is he aware of the positive reception those received?

karlophone: hes aware they were liked but i dont think he gave it too much thought. he moves on pretty quick to make new stuff.

King_Tom: Would the band ever go back to the 12-sided die determining the setlist like they did in '02? Or are the shows too pre-determined for that now?

Those were some great/fun shows.

karlophone: agreed! and it was 20 sided. i doubt theyll get THAT random again, but who knows

burndtjamb2000: Were there a lot of outtakes from Hurley that the band recorded? Were some songs from those sessions used on Scott & Rivers?

karlophone: i dont think many outtakes at all. i dont think S+R was from that stuff either.

DannyButler: What do you think about recent bands like Wavves and post-emo bands that were directly inspired by Pinkerton? How does it feel to know that Weezer is now played on "classic rock" radio stations?

karlophone: cool, those bands are rad. and hilarious to be on classic rock stations. what the??

DannoSpeaks: Hi Karl -

Weezer is awesome. My friend and I drove past the Amherst House last week while visiting LA. We felt like stalkers.

My question, does that band get along any better than they used to? I know it hasn't always been buddy buddy in the group.

karlophone: see somewhere above for an answer that relates to this.

fuckinDEAD: Was there ever any real merit or "threat" behind the rumors of a Weezer break up around the post release of make believe? I remember there being an article on mtv with really obscure quotes from rivers on the uncertainty of the future of the band. Of course this could have been mtv taking crap out of proportion as they do but as you and I know the world of Weezer is unpredictable to say the least. Or was rivers saying just that, " I honestly don't know what the future holds for Weezer" as a non chalant statement. I remember however it was more than implied that there would at least be a hiatus. I think this was around 2006. Also thanks for doing this hopefully the Weezer sub reddit continues to grow

karlophone: he was planning marriage - which did happen in 2006 - so he might have thought what if he stopped doing music, at least entertained it as a "what if"..... plus he liked to mess with journalists, so...

fuckinDEAD: So, even through the cryptic Shakespeare stuff, it held little to no meaning and/or it was just to "fuck with people"?? I realize Rivers may be the person to ask here, but for the sake of context... I know he's an English major and all, but timing and all things considered...

karlophone: he may have very well have been considering giving it up, and certainly peppered enough "clues" to that end in MB, but i have a feeling he changed his mind pretty early on.

RiversJackson: Does Weezer plan on reissuing their bootlegs on the website as physical copies again?

karlophone: the company that was printing and distributing the CDs went out of biz, so i believe were looking for another company to do it.

fuckinDEAD: Weezer x ozma supergroup, can we make it happen?

karlophone: i guess Daniel B's guest drumming at the comic con show was as close as that came so far. I believe Rivers may have tossed some demo songs around with Ryan and Daniel at some point too.

fuckinDEAD: Anything you'd like to mention about your awesome Prettiest Girl... remix? :) Is that very subtle "single note" synth during the verses your doing or something brought out later in the mix? The dirty bass breakdown at 3:20 sounds sweet, almost as if I expect the weezer of 13 to play this version today, live.. It sounds like a supreme live mix if that's what you were going for

karlophone: hey i really appreciate it man! well, that single note was buried in the mix so i found it when i stripped it down. its a B-3 organ note, just held under the harmony "ahh ahhhs". the dirty bass was in there too. that song had like 70 tracks, and many of them i wasnt even sure if they made it to the final mix, because i had no song file - just all the audio pieces that i dragged into my own DAW. so was the stuff i isolated actually used in the released song? i may never know.