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Rivers Radio

A playlist for my music listening everyday. It's populated by a python script I wrote that runs in the middle of the night. Every Friday I tweak the algorithm.

Follow and listen along if you like. Note, these are not songs I'm recommending. Many of them I've never even heard. They're songs I'm interested in hearing, rather. I may not end up liking them. Listen at your own peril.

Please don't feel obliged to listen. If you do listen, skip songs if you don't like them. And don't feel obliged to listen to the whole thing. On an average day, I listen to 10-25 songs.

It's helpful to have so many more songs in the playlist in case the script doesn't work the next night. The next day, I still have more songs to listen to.

One more thing, it's important to me that this playlist represents my current interests with no consideration for anything or anyone else. Therefore, I'm resisting the urge to tailor the playlist to pique others' interest, to gain followers. (There's actually a song on OK Human about the negative effects of stats like followers. It's called "Numbers". )


listen to Rivers Radio on Spotify

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