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Riverpedia archive - 02/11/2021

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Mr. Rivers' Neighborhood

Here is the first URL for the site for the development of MRN 2.0 . This should turn into an android/ios/web app.

There is now a rudimentary chat app there. A few points of caution: 2.0 is not yet connected to your 1.0 account. your email address will be visible to everyone. There is a 99% chance that your 2.0 account will not persist for long. Any messages or other work you create there will be lost.

This is the course I've been taking to learn flutter (for MRN 2.0). https://www.udemy.com/share/101WB6AkEeeFlSQHQ=/

Thanks to all the HTML/CSS heroes who are helping with everyone's account pages. The pages are beautiful and interesting.

Right now I mostly need help with rating the demos, which can be done in the player or the playlist on the chat page.

There are some common features I don't plan to implement, such as likes, followers, visit counters, private messages, and friends.

See also:
Profile Pages
Riverpedia, aka The Library
The Market
Song List, a list of all songs in The Market.

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