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Riverpedia archive - 02/17/2024

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My dad's nicknames for people and things

My dad has a fantastic ability to give people and things alternate nicknames.

Alternative Words:
• Crocodile: "coocoodrill" • Drums: "da blams"
- Hospital: "horse pistol" • Piano: "pinano"
• Tissue: "hornblowers"
• Slippers: "slinkers"
• Peanut Butter: "peenter bunter"
• Sandwich: "sanguiladoche"

Family Nicknames:
• His son Shannon: "Bones da stickman"
• My uncle Michael: "Ralphie"
• My aunt Joanne: "Dodo"
• My mom: "Choofie" and "Magenta"
• Me: "Weezer" he said it's after the kid (Wheezer) from the Little Rascals, because he was the cool one; and sometimes, "Botch" - the latter because the sound made me laugh as a baby

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