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Van Weezer

One of the upcoming Weezer albums.

Tracklist (posted January 28, 2021 on Amazon):

  1. End Of The Game
    Bridge is from EWBAITE outtake "What I Want is to be Wanted By You"
  2. All The Good Ones
  3. Hero
  4. I Need Some Of That
    Written before Hurley. OG release on Nimaime, S&R.
  5. Beginning of the End
    Repurposed from 2010 song "Rock and Roll Cockroach". BOTE uses the same verse and chorus as Cockroach but the bridge is taken from another EWBAITE-era song called Volunteers.
  6. Blue Dream
    Late 2010 song Ballad of the Briny mashed up with a classic metal song.
  7. One More Hit
    Was originally in talks for a video game.
  8. Sheila Can Do (It)
    Homie song
  9. She Needs Me
  10. Precious Metal Girl

Potential Japanese bonus track: I've Thrown It All Away

Blue-era song recorded for Van Weezer. Co-written by Pat and Jason.

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