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Riverpedia archive - 03/11/2021

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MRN 2.0

I deleted all 2.0 accounts created before March 10th.

20: Major update. Bloc, cubit, state management. Merge with Rivergram. The chat will be gone for a minute.

Android App

riverTube Android test app is available to the first 100 members of MRN 2.0 who provided a valid email address. As we move through the various testing phases, we'll be able to add more users. Once added to the list, you’ll log in for the test app using the same email address you used to register for your MRN 2.0 account.
All 100 slots are filled now.

Please share your crash data with me if you can by emailing lisa@riverscuomo.com.

Note, it’s easier to access and download the test app from Google Play if you register for MRN 2.0 with your gmail account. The trials are available only to Android at this time. See below about iOS app development.

If you are using one of the 100 Android App test spots, please ensure you’re using the latest version of the app.

App Update Instructions.png

Web App

Here is the first URL for the site for the development of MRN 2.0. This will hopefully turn into an android/ios/web app. There is now a rudimentary chat app there. A few points of caution:

  • 2.0 is not yet connected to your 1.0 account.
  • Your email address might be visible to everyone.
  • There is a 90% chance that your 2.0 account will not persist for long.
  • Any messages or other work you create there will be lost.

iOS App

Unfortunately, we won't be able to deploy the app to Apple's App store from my Windows computer. I'll have to figure out how to deploy it from a Mac.
iOS users may be able to access RiverTube here while the app is still in testing phases, but this is a temporary workaround and I can’t guarantee its availability or functionality.

Further Reading:

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