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Riverpedia archive - 05/13/2021

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Josh Alexander

Josh just sent me this update:

Also wanted to update you, that I actually released my first single from my neo-classical album, on Friday! The first single is called “Maybe The Best of Things”, and was released on all streaming services. Also, Amazon Music just added me as the first track on their “Fresh Classical” playlist, which was really fun to get their early support. Link here as well: https://music.amazon.com/playlists/B07W1Y9Q2Z

I ended up getting a record deal for the whole album by a great indie neo-classical label, which comes out in August.

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A planned series of four albums, set for release on the first day of each season of 2022. Each album will feature a unique theme. I first mentioned the project in an interview with i News UK on January 21, 2021. In that interview, I described the themes as "Happy, chill, stress-free for Spring, lots of Elliott Smith-style loss and sadness for winter, and maybe fall could be dance-rock, like Franz Ferdinand."
I later clarified the themes in the Song List shared file when I asked Curators for help choosing potential songs for the project.

Spring (March 20, 2022): 'island in the sun,' acoustic, breezy
Summer (June 20, 2022): 'crunchy beach boys.' Will be perceived as more "Classic Weezer"
Fall (Sept 22, 2022): dance-rock franz ferdinand take me out
Winter (Dec 21, 2022): 90's singer/songwriter elliott smith

Each Season will be be eight songs and will likely be collected at the end of the year into a box set. Each Season will have a co-producer we've never worked with before, in addition to Jake and Suzy. We'll also be working with Rob Mathis and his friends, as well as our own version of The Wrecking Crew.

Seasons will be the opposite of quarantine recording, as we plan to record with all musicians playing together in the same room. We'll work more on Seasons in September after the Hella Mega tour.

Songs in contention for SZNS (subject to change)

Spell It Out

Pacific Sunset
Rules Of Life
Livin on the Fault Line

Simple To Me

The Life I Never Lived
Hello, Concubine
I Want a Dog

Taste The Pain

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