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Riverpedia archive - 05/21/2021

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MRN 2.0

If you want your 1.0 / 2.0 accounts connected you'll need to use the same email in both places. Benefits will be access to demo purchases, shrine history, role powers, etc. if you have a new 1.0 account, the email won't be registered at 2.0. I did the transfer in early mid april? I'll do another transfer at some point, for new users.

MRN 2.0 Web App

Available to everyone here.
This actually updates more frequently than the android app now, usually every day. So it should be at least at the latest version number of the android app. I won't post version descriptions here, though.

If the page appears as a blank grey box, edit the URL address to remove anything after the .app/ and press Enter to reload the page.

To reset your password follow the link to the web app. If you’re logged in, log out, then return to the login page. Enter the email you used to register your account here, then hit ‘reset password.’ An email will be sent to you with a link to change your password. Once you’ve updated your password, return to the login page and enter your new credentials.

Android App

There are 2 ways to get the app. OPEN TESTING: for anyone with Android. This app lags about a week behind the internal testing app as we're waiting for google to approve it. Right now it's on v42.

INTERNAL TESTING: limited to those on the email list.
v44: improved photo posting in chat v43: reformatted player screens v42: Demo ratings and filters should now work. have at it. I still need to get your old rating data from 1.0. This is my focus for now. The Android test app was available to the first 100 members of MRN 2.0 who provided a valid email address.

Instructions for Android Test Users:

Please share your problems with me if you can by emailing lisa@riverscuomo.com.

To update to the latest version of the app, you will need to uninstall the current app and install the latest version. If you cannot see the app in your Play Store library, access the app again here. You will only have access to this beta app if you log in to the Play Store using the same gmail address of your original MRN 2.0 account.

iOS App

The App is available only on the Android platform at this time. Unfortunately, you can't deploy an app to Apple's App store from a Windows computer. When the android app is more or less done, I'll switch to Kyoko's mac and try to figure out how to deploy from there.


RiverTube is not yet accessible to web app or iOS users. A temporary workaround may be available here, but I can’t guarantee its availability or functionality.

Further Reading:

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Sheila Can Do It

A "Homie" song I wrote in February of 1996, at the same time I was writing songs that would end up on Pinkerton. Eventually released as a track on Van Weezer.

I originally used the name "Rachel" instead of "Sheila". It was partially inspired by Rachel Haden and how she did a total transformation of personal style from their first to second albums. The character Sandy in Grease was another inspiration, although I wasn't thinking of the movie or Olivia Newton-John in particular – could be the stage production.

The hook Melody is inadvertently very similar to a Ridel High song called Monsters Under My Bed.

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