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A planned series of four albums (8 songs apiece, totaling 32 songs), set for release on the first day of each season of 2022.


Each album will feature a specific emotion and musical genre, and musical themes from Vivaldi's 'Le quattro stagioni' will appear throughout.

  • Spring (March 20, 2022): Happy Chill; acoustic & breezy; inspired by Island In The Sun.
  • Summer (June 20, 2022): Youthful Indignation; crunchy beach boys; will be perceived as more "Classic Weezer.”
  • Fall (Sept 22, 2022): Anxiety, Fear; dance-rock; inspired by Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out.
  • Winter (Dec 21, 2022): Sadness, grief over loss; 90's singer/songwriter Elliott Smith.


Each Season will have a co-producer we've never worked with before, in addition to Jake (big picture) and Suzy (vocals). Michael Beinhorn is possibly our Spring producer, as I submitted a first draft to him in May 2021.

Seasons will be the opposite of quarantine recording, as we plan to record with all musicians playing together in the same room with Jake’s version of The Wrecking Crew. We’ll also be working with Rob Mathes (LA Phil conductor we worked with on OKH) and his friends. The recording session will be in September after the Hella Mega tour.

My first deadline for SZNS is Friday, May 28, 2021.


There’s a song on SZNS about the pilot of the Goodyear Blimp, although the specific season remains unspecified. The opening song of Seasons [SZNS] is a tribute to Shakespeare, called Opening Night. Maybe fall is written from the perspective of an anxious android.

Other songs in contention for SZNS:

Opening Night



I Want a Dog
Tastes Like Pain

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