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Mixes by the People

To have your mix added to the “by the people” playlist on the music player, upload a copy to the “Mixes/Covers” folder in the By The People Drive. Save the file as “song title - Artist name” format.

Gravity Will Bring You Down 13-2 by William
https://dl.dropbox.com/s/tc7gfw215wkk0u6/Gravity%20Will%20Bring%20You%20Down%2013-2.mp3 YouTube mirror

Gravity 13 by energyflavor
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/ut7v618c2d6hw8f/Gr13EQ.mp3 YouTube mirror

Gravity, Boat on the Sea, Pacific Sunset. Supergirl, Meet Up With Our Maker, Ivory Telephone, Tower of Babel, Bless The Whole Wide World by stgrunu

A Boat On The Sea by guyperson

YouTube mirror

Pacific Sunset (Remix) by damps

YouTube mirror

She Has A Way With Words by brendan

YouTube mirror

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MRN Global Song

While I was away at my annual Vipassana meditation course, a group of neighbors got together and hatched a plan to show their appreciation for Mr. Rivers’ Neighborhood, me, and each other. Their idea: produce a song to commemorate their favorite MRN moments. Thus, “Mr. Rivers’ Neighborhood Global Song” was born.

Neighbors from eight different countries secretly schemed, first writing music and lyrics, then collaborating on vocals, instrumentals, sound mixing and production as they recorded and shared their individual parts across five continents. Last, they created a music video to accompany their creation, which can be viewed below.

Mixing Engineer: Marjolaine
Producer: Julit375
Scratch guitar: Juli
Scratch vocals: Julit375, Geewiz
Lead guitar: Geewiz
Guitar solo: Lina
Drums: Marjolaine
Lyrics: SarahDan, Julit375
Vocals: SarahDan, Lorena, Cepheid, Yuki, Julit375, Geewiz, Marjolaine, snish, carolzz, Lina, mariarenata, Olivia, TragicGurl, NatKat128, Mel, elChuby, Rivers
Video Production: Lina’s friend Max
A detailed list of participants can be viewed here

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Mr. Rivers' Neighborhood

My neighborhood is a drama free zone for calm and gentle nerds.

Here is the first URL for the site for the development of MRN 2.0 . This will hopefully turn into an android/ios/web app.

I've abandoned the android app for the time being. Please use the web app instead.

There are some common features I don't plan to implement, such as likes, followers, visit counters, private messages, and friends.

Available to everyone here.

If the page appears as a blank grey box, edit the URL address to remove anything after the .app/ and press Enter to reload the page.

To reset your password follow the link to the web app. If you’re logged in, log out, then return to the login page. Enter the email you used to register your account here, then hit ‘reset password.’ An email will be sent to you with a link to change your password. Once you’ve updated your password, return to the login page and enter your new credentials.

See also:
Riverpedia, aka The Library
The Market
Song List, a list of all songs in The Market.

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Songs by users of riverscuomo.com

*To have your music files added to the “by the people” playlist on the music player, upload them to the “Songs” folder in the By The People Drive. *

If you want your songs to link back to your profile page, make sure you put them a folder that has the exact same name as your username. (Case-sensitive. Don't put any other characters like an underbar _).

If you want album name info and artist name info (if different from your username) make sure to include that in the metadata of your file.

Note: if you replace a demo with a new copy for some reason, you'll lose all the data associated with the first copy (such as ratings and comments).

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