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469 South Eagleville Rd.

Where I lived from end of 6th through 12th grades.

It's the closest thing I had to a home, growing up.

Alone IV

I currently have no plans to release a 4th Alone album. I'm finding that old material is very useful for new songs.

Avant Garde

My metal band in senior year of high school and for a few years after.

I saw the name in an airline magazine on the flight home from LA my senior of high school.

I later renamed it "Zoom." after Randal Cohen suggested we change the name..



The myth, the man, the master.

Billy Joel answered 'Beethoven sonatas' when asked which composer songwriters should study.

I play the sonatas every other day.

I'm still playing way under tempo. Being able to play the sonatas is one of my greatest sources of pride and Joy. I can't believe I'm able to do it after all the years of piano practice.


Betsy was the name of our first tour van. Karl and Pat found it. It broke down a lot. We built a lot in the back.

Beverly Shoenberger

My mom. Born May 8, 1947. Lived in Charlotte South Carolina until she was 8, then Atlanta, Georgia.

She won the International Science Fair (Biochemistry) in 1965 for a project on kudzu. 6th place in Georgia for a play she wrote. 3rd place for Southeastern US for a dramatic reading. (She was assigned Hawaii.)

Then she went to New College in Florida but dropped out after a year or two.

Traveled with a drummer up north. Ended up at the Rochester Zen Center where she met my dad.


250 g of 2% Greek yogurt
40 g Cape Cod trail mix
3 tablespoons berries
3 tablespoons custom nut/seed mix


I drink 2 cups a day from January to August. Then I wean off for the rest of the year. Caffeine free by January 1.

I use a milligram scale to weigh quantity of Starbucks Via.

And a google sheet to calculate each day's allowance. I actually have to start weaning about as early as July in order to come off by January.


The web programming class I'm taking right now. Online through EdX.

A follow up to cs50 which I took from 2015-2019. It's taught by Brian you. I met him.


A 2015 TV show pilot that was inspired by my life, about a rockstar who decides to go back to college. The fictitious band name was originally "Modern Dukes" (from a song of the same name that I'd released to fans in 2001 and that I'd considered for Make Believe); but had to be changed to "Crimson Dukes" due to some copyright issue. (I thought the creators just like that name better?)

I filmed a cameo in it, playing a "Professor Kitts".

The show didn't get picked up. It's weird; in music, if you make an album and your label decides not to put it out, you can bring it to another label to release it. I learned that was not the case with TV, so we ended up with a completely finished pilot that we couldn't show anyone.

Ecce Homo

The title of my first full draft of EWBAITE, before I played anything for anyone. From the Nietzsche book title.

Elliot Smith

I'm really starting to dig some of his songs.

My 90's "girlfriend", Jennifer Chiba, was his girlfriend at the time of his death. She left me a distraught voice message but I was in one of my first meditation courses.

Frank Cuomo

My dad. My parents divorced when I was about 4.

Gina Cuomo

My half-sister. Grew up in Germany. She has two kids now. I remember helping her practice piano when she was about 10 years old. That's when I was on tour in Germany in support of the blue album I think. In 1995?

Goat Punishment

A pseudonym for Weezer when I wanted to do secret shows in 2000.

We did an all Oasis set and an all Nirvana set.

Mikey came up with the name when a cab driver asked him what the name of his band was.

We were able to get out of our management contract because our manager broke the law when he booked the GP shows himself (instead of going through our agent.)

Gravity Will Bring You Down

The song contained lyrics about the Hindenburg disaster, including children screaming as their fathers burned alive. It also featured a downward choral section that simulated falling.

Verse lyrics:

Mice munchin' on your tasty bum

Eatin' what's left of your skeleton

On dirty floors you sit and wait

A chain and a ball decide your fate

Chorus lyrics:

Not every man is a super man

Not every girl is a super girl

So cut your coupons while you still can

Cause gravity will bring you down

Bridge lyrics: ???

Guitar Picks

I normally use Jim Dunlop .73mm guitar picks but will use thicker picks in very hot conditions and thinner picks in very cold conditions.

Harutoshi Ito

Kyoko's dad. A really cool guy.

He helped carry in my luggage when I first arrived at their house in 2005.

He volunteers as a teacher of ma jong to other seniors.

He has afib.


Bose bluetooth. Bed = noise cancelling. everywhere else = not noise cancelling.


Seems to be ok. Probably should get tested again.


I have two. Mia and Leo.


I went through a knitting phase. Never finished the blanket I was knitting. It was fun. I went to that place Simpatico on Wilshire. Looks like it's closed now.


The island where Kyoko is from.

Leaves Cuomo

My brother.

aka James Kitts

The “Jimmy” I wrestled with in Say It Ain’t So

Little Martin

I use a Little Martin Ed Sheeran ÷ Edition Guitar when I play in my home studio.


I do not have any magnets on my fridg

Nerd Nights

These were a series of events I did between 2011-2015 in and around Santa Monica, where I invited local fans to hang out with me. It started as private movie screenings (the first two were The Neverending Story and Time Bandits) where I rented out the entire small theatre both times.

Subsequent Nerd Nights were all Shakespeare-related - either screenings of live performances; or an actual performance put on by a couple of different, local Shakespeare troupes that I supported.

On the eleventh Nerd Night, Brian joined me, and after watching a screening of Antony & Cleopatra, we played an acoustic version of "Cleopatra" for everyone.

There was also a related daytime event that I called Dork Day, where I invited fans to bring their children out to watch a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Time magazine did a story about my Nerd Nights, written by Joel Stein; it was originally published in the November 3, 2014 issue.

No One Else

Written about Petra.

Not to be confused with Petra Haden of That Dog.

Norman Richey

Is my current step-dad. He's a cool guy. From Malone, NY. Still coaching as a retiree but worked most of his life as a marriage/family counselor. Good guy to have on the team. He has afib. He was in the air Force. And the seminary..


Flavored electrolyte tablets I use to make sure I drink enough water. I like a variety of flavors.

One More Hit

A song not on Weezer's upcoming 14th studio album, Van Weezer. In talks with a video game.


I do not currently own any pet. I love dogs, though. I had a cat named Calvin when I was a senior in high school. I did not train him properly.

My grandparents owned a black lab, and one time it cut its nose by getting it stuck in a can of pork and beans.


Dig 'em. I got a lot of 'em.

All kinds of plants. Yep.


Python is a programming language that can be used both for writing command-line scripts or building web applications.

I like it a lot. the server script for this application was written in Python. The name python is a reference to Monty Python.


Please add articles. Try writing in the first person perspective, as if you're me.

For example: "And then I moved to Los Angeles".

Actually, just starting a new article can serve as a prompt for me to answer something you're curious about. I guess I'll go through it from time to time and flesh it out.

Feel free to use html, links, and any other features of markdown. Feel free to edit and correct what I or others have written.

Please take things I've said in Riverchat or elsewhere and add them to Riverpedia, if you want.

I will review your work before it goes public.

Santa Monica

The city where I live.


I go to sleep at 10:45pm every night. Alarm set for 6am.Sometimes I wake up earlier. I'm not a great sleeper.

S.N. Goenka

My meditation teacher. I met him in 2005.

He was Indian but he grew up in Myanmar. He was a millionaire businessman before Burmese independence. His company made textiles.

I visited him at his house in 2005 in Mumbai. I brought Kilgore with me. That was before we were married His teacher was sayagi u ba khin.

Steve Kitts

Was my step-dad from 1976 to 1989. Age 5 to 18, so he basically raised me. Cool guy. Still lives in Connecticut.

He played goalie for his soccer team in high school.

He is referenced in the bridge of "Say It Ain't So." "This bottle of Stephen's". (The bottle is the 'bottle of Heine' in the first verse.)

Songs From The Black Hole

Songs from the Black Hole was a space themed rock opera/musical originally envisioned as the follow-up album to The Blue Album, but during the course of songwriting/demoing, the concept was discarded, and the project evolved into the album Pinkerton. Several of the SFTBH songs ended up on Pinkerton or as single b-sides, some of which were slightly altered lyrically or sonically.

Actually, most of the songs were written before I had the concept in mind. Then I tried to alter them to fit the concept. Then after abandoning the concept, I went back to the original version. For example, the first 4 songs on Pinkerton.

As stated on the April 9, 2020 Island in the Zoom episode, I do not plan on releasing a Songs From The Black Hole album, as all songs have been released on various other albums available for listening on my Spotify pag


When I'm on tour in other countries, I like to try and collect foreign toothpaste. I like variety though I'm not supposed to use any whitening kind. Liking variety is one of the major themes of my life.


This was the name for my short lived rap group in the 90’s. I rapped about my lifelong vegetarianis

Vipassana Meditation Center

Shelburne Falls, MA.

I sat both my 45-day courses there.


My current band. And what my dad always called me. I think he was indeed think of the Little Rascals character. Cuz "he was the cool one".