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A 2015 TV show pilot that was inspired by my life, about a rockstar who decides to go back to college. The fictitious band name was originally "Modern Dukes" (from a song of the same name that I'd released to fans in 2001 and that I'd considered for Make Believe); but had to be changed to "Crimson Dukes" due to some copyright issue. (I thought the creators just like that name better?)

I filmed a cameo in it, playing a "Professor Kitts". Professor of what?

The show didn't get picked up. It's weird; in music, if you make an album and your label decides not to put it out, you can bring it to another label to release it. I learned that was not the case with TV, so we ended up with a completely finished pilot that we couldn't show anyone.

Island in the Zoom

A series of virtual shows I do with my fans. I usually sing about four songs and conduct a Q&A with several fans who are selected as panelists to appear on screen with me. Info for upcoming shows will be posted at this website.

Lisa Cuomo

My older half-sister. I didn't know about her until I was grown up.


Mansfield, Connecticut. How is it different from Storrs, CT. I was never quite sure. But I lived there from age 11 to age 18. That is 1982 to 1988. Sixth grade to graduation from high school.

Midnight (Cardigan Disaster)

Midnight aka Cardigan Disaster was a song I originally wrote for the Black album, but because of the unexpected success of Africa we ended up holding off on its release as a single. It did not end up making the final version of the Black album.

The title cardigan disaster came to me in a dream.

Model airplanes

A hobby I picked up during the quarantine. I work on them with my family. I’ve completed two planes so far. The model I’m currently working on is actually a tank.

Santa Monica College

I went there in the early 90's, first as an English major, then as a music major. I wrote the Buddy Holly chorus melody while walking across one of the quads.

I performed at the 2018 Homecoming halftime show, along with a group of other “All-Star Alumni.”

Satchidananda Ashram

In Pomfret, Connecticut in the 1970's. For some reason the buildings were painted pink. I also went to school there from 3rd through 5th grade. I have a good memories of Swami Satchidananda. He felt like a kinder, gentler, slower Gandalf. Also, he had all of us kids doing yoga and meditation and cooking and cleaning every day. For a while I took care of the ponies.

Scott & Rivers

A music duo featuring myself and Scott Murphy (Allister, Monoeyes). We’ve released two albums in Japanese.


Impossible to pick a favorite but for the sake of conversation I'll say Hamlet.

ニマイメ (Nimaime, "The Second One") will be released internationally on October 21, 2020.

Somebody at Weezer's record company introduced us after I told them that I was looking for a Japanese speaking gaijin collaborator.

Temescal Canyon

One of our favorite hikes.


My metal cover band. I played drums.

Livin' After Midnite