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The 3rd Street Promenade

I'm not crazy about all the street performers. But we go there sometimes for date nights. There's not much else to do around here.




and more!

Probably my all time favorite composer.

I play the Well Tempered Clavier every other day.


I use Dell computers.

I don't know how I ended up on Dell. But there you have it.

I did use Razer laptops for a few years.

Dustin Addis

Weezer's day to day manager at Crush. Since 2015. Also FOB. Cool guy. He's starting to join me for golf. From Chicago.

E.O. Smith

A high school in Storrs, Connecticut. I went there.


I took German from 7th through 10th grade. 2 years of Spanish in college. I've done a lot of independent study in Japanese (and wife and kids speak Japanese) so I'm pretty good at that. Check out [link to scott and rivers page]

Between my Spanish studies and my many hours listening to Italian opera, I have a feel for Italian.

When I'm on tour in foreign countries, I do duolingo for that country's language.

Model airplanes

A hobby I tried during the quarantine. I worked on them with my family. I completed two planes

Professor at UCLA


Taught me classic Fuchs species counterpoint while I was living on Homewood. My final project turned into the chorale section of The Greatest Man.

When I emailed him to tell him about the song (and his role in it), his wife emailed back to tell me he had died.

The Shack

The original shack was off to the side of Justin's house. That's where our high school bands would practice.

Then I also had a shack outside my home in Malibu during the Red album years. It had a wooden sign hanging above the entrance that read “Peter’s room.” I had a poster of a pig hanging in the room along with some of my childhood heroes. I also had lots of Harmonicas, a drum set and guitars. Everything a growing rock star need

Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori

My favorite White album song. Bridge was originally part of rest in peace as that song's verse. I gave an in-depth explanation of this sounds composition on the podcast song exploder. It's very cut and paste so I couldn't say it's about a particular person.