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Riverpedia archive - 08/30/2020

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Amherst House

2226 Amherst Avenue, West LA. Right on the border with Santa Monica. Close to Taco Bell, Chevron. We shot the Say It Ain’t So music video here.

We moved in shortly after Weezer formed in like May of 1992. I moved out of there at the end of 1993.

Chat FAQ


Cherokee Avenue

The first place I lived in in California. I arrived there on March 5, 1989. Right off of Hollywood Boulevard, just above Yucca Avenue.

5 guys in a one-room apartment. Thousands of cockroaches.


I drink 2 cups a day from January to August. Then I wean off for the rest of the year. Caffeine free by January 1.

At home, I use a scale to measure grams of brewed coffee. While travelling, I use a milligram scale to weigh quantity of Starbucks Via powder.

And a google sheet to calculate each day's allowance. I actually have to start weaning in July in order to come off by January.

Rivers 17.3% body fat.

Alex How many grams is in an entire pot of coffee cuz that's what I'm about to drink.

Yukia @Rivers Have a nice coffee.

Lianna @Rivers are you reaching your goals on time ?

Rivers @Lianna My goal is to stay under 18%.

Any morning on which I go over 18%, I don't get half-and-half in my coffee.

Gina Cuomo

My half-sister. Grew up in Germany. She has two kids now. I remember helping her practice piano when she was about 10 years old. That's when I was on tour in Germany in support of the blue album I think. In 1995?

She lives in Berlin.



I have light-up colored golf balls. My vision in low light is very poor. My best score for 9 holes is 44. I average around 50. I like to walk rather than ride a golf cart. I carry my clubs.

I'm honestly not that passionate about it but it's one of the last sports I'm able to participate in since my knee diagnosis in 2013.


Our tour manager in 2001. Now with the Foos and Blink.


My first love. She lived in South Windsor. She was 2 years younger.

She was super into her volleyball team.

I used to get m&m's at the gas station on the way home from her house to console myself. I was so sad.

Her dad hated me.

June 13, 1970

The day I was born. In a Manhattan hospital. We were living in Brooklyn at the time. Why was I born in Manhattan if we were living in Brooklyn?


My second love. I met her at Goodie's in Orange County. I was passing out flyers for a Zoom show.

After Zoom got evicted from our apartment on Cherokee, I lived with her for a few months at her apartment in Fullerton. I enjoyed using her hair products. I don't think her roommates loved having me there. Now she's a math professor, which is pretty cool.

Mansfield Middle School

I went there from 6 through 8th grade.

I was de-shorted twice. (When somebody suddenly pulls your shorts down .)

I met my best friend Justin there.

One Night Stand

A band Justin and I formed with some guys from Turners Falls, Massachussetts.

We actually wrote a couple songs. One of them was called \"One Night Stand\" and it's actually pretty good.

Greg -- vocals

Andy Jackman -- Keyboards


At home I use Yamaha upright pianos. I feel like I don't deserve a grand or baby grand.

I took my first few lessons in 1987, as a senior in high school. I didn't get very far.

I love this instrument so much. I practice technique for 50 minutes every day. At night, I alternate between Bach WTC and Beethoven sonatas.

Poinsettia Place

Just below Sunset Boulevard and Rock and Roll Ralph's. I lived there with Kevin Ridel and for a time, Roger Marinelli. I worked at Tower Sunset.


Python is a programming language that can be used both for writing command-line scripts or building web applications'.

I like it a lot. the server script for this application was written in Python. The name python is a reference to Monty Python.