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Riverpedia archive - 08/31/2020

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Chat FAQ

Chat FAQ

Last update: 8/31


My Kiss cover band.

Justin Fisher: bass (Gene) Leaves Eric Robertson: drums (Peter)

Hot Tub

I wrote this song in 1993 for Tom Jones.

He didn't use it.

Chiba had a hot tub in the courtyard of her apartment complex in Palms.

Jennifer Chiba

My \"girlfriend\" in the 90's

Justin Fisher

Best friend since 7th grade.


The city where Kyoko is from. Kyoko's neighborhood is Izumi-8chome.

I always hang out at Youmetown.

The first Scott & Rivers album was originally conceived as a solo album called "The Kumamoto Kid".

Kurt Cobain

Rumor that I'm actually Kurt Cobain. Nope, not true.

Never met him. The Blue album came out a month after he die. It's possible, though unlikely, that he heard it. Same label.

I'm pretty sure I never said his name in any of the hundreds of interviews I did in the nineties. Correct me if you find one. I was uncomfortable saying his name.

One Night Stand

A band Justin and I formed with some guys from Turners Falls, Massachussetts.

We actually wrote a couple songs. One of them was called \"One Night Stand\" and it's actually pretty good.

Justin Fisher -- bass

Greg -- vocals

Andy Jackman -- Keyboards

Rochester Zen Center

@monablast i think it was a group of theosophist women who brought zen to the us. my dad was one of the first people there too (at the rochester zen center.) also, that's where my mom met my dad. also where they both met my step-dad, steve.

Shannon Cuomo

My step-brother. Lives in Wiesbaden, Germany.

One of my dad's nicknames for him was 'Bones, da Stickman'.

Sheeny Bang

My first assistant.

I actually met her at a party in the fall of 1997 after one of my solo shows in Cambridge, MA. Then she emailed weezer.com around the time the Green Album came out (in 2001) looking for a job.

Recently I've been playing golf with her. She's a phenomenal golfer.

Steve Kitts

Was my step-dad from 1976 to 1989. Age 5 to 18, so he basically raised me. Cool guy. Still lives in Connecticut.

He played goalie for his soccer team in high school.

@axiomatic Yeah my stepdad actually lived with us when my brother and I were babies. Along with about 10 other hippies / Zen students. I think Steve was known as the guy who made bread for the house. (Actual bread, not money.)

He is referenced in the bridge of "Say It Ain't So." "This bottle of Stephen's". (The bottle is the 'bottle of Heine' in the first verse.)