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A band I formed when I was living in Boston after Weezer went on hiatus in the late 90's. It never really had a consistent lineup.

I recorded an album's worth of songs at Fort Apache Studios with a couple other musicians. We recorded "I'll Think About You" from Alone II around this time.

We released one song under the name Homie: "American Girls" for the movie Meet the Deedles.

I wrote it at the same time as I wrote Pinkerton. If a song was lighthearted, I put it in the Homie pile. If it was darkhearted, I put it in the Pinkerton pile. Having both piles allowed me to write whatever I was feeling without having to worry if it was too dark or too light.

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I Can Love

A Make Believe outtake I wrote in 2003.


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Kurt Cobain

Rumor that I'm actually Kurt Cobain. Nope, not true.

Never met him. The Blue album came out a month after he died. It's possible, though unlikely, that he heard it. Same label.

I'm pretty sure I never said his name in any of the hundreds of interviews I did in the nineties. Correct me if you find one. I was uncomfortable saying his name.

After he died, I changed the lyric in "Suzanne" to "Izzy, Slash".

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The Leafy Green Street Sweeping Machine

One of the band names from our brainstorming session in my garage at 2914 Urban Avenue.

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Santa Monica

The city where I live. I'm superstitious about the effect this place has on my creativity.

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Will Rogers State Park

One of our favorite hikes. There's poison oak.

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Yoriko Ito

Kyoko's sister.

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