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1993 Note to Chiba Upon Leaving to Make The Blue Album

Dearest Chiba,

Thanks for lettin’ me stay with you. I’ll miss you terribly when I’m gone. And Angel, too. Sleep tight!

('Angel' must have been her cat).

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I painted my room black, unplugged my phone and stopped listening to music.

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The Amherst House

2226 Amherst Avenue, West LA. Right on the border with Santa Monica. Close to Taco Bell, Chevron. We shot the Say It Ain’t So music video here.

We moved in shortly after Weezer formed in March of 1992. I moved out of there at the end of 1993.

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Betsy was the name of our first tour van. Karl and Pat found it, it was a 1985 Dodge Prospector van. It broke down a lot. We built a loft in the back.

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The web programming class I'm taking right now. Online through EdX.

A follow up to cs50 which I took from 2015-2019. It's taught by Brian you. I met him.

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Gibson SG

aka Courtney


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Kevin Ridel

I've known him since my senior year of high school. 1987. He was the singer of my band in Connecticut, avant-garde. One of the guys I moved to LA with in 89. He drove a Camaro. I was scared to ride with him at first but he was a surprisingly slow and careful driver. We would cruise around looking for girls. The Manchester parkade. His dad was a very manly construction worker. But Kevin and his brother Eric had a very effeminate glam side. They would spend a long time looking in the mirror in the bathroom, applying hairspray. He was one of my early heroes as a songwriter. It is very naturally gifted, writing a song everyday and really enjoying the process. He's the first guy I knew who paid attention to pop music and noticed melodies and hooks.

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A style of karate. I studied it when I was in my early twenties. I think I reached Blue belt or Blue with a yellow stripe.

It's pretty hardcore.

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I grew up with my left leg about 1 and 3/4 inches shorter than my right. In 1995, between the Blue Album and Pinkerton, I had a painful surgical procedure to correct the issue.

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My second love. I met her at Goodie's in Orange County. I was passing out flyers for a Zoom show.

After Zoom got evicted from our apartment on Cherokee, I lived with her for a few months at her apartment in Fullerton. I enjoyed using her hair products. I don't think her roommates loved having me there. Now she's a math professor, which is pretty cool.

Not to be confused with the Lisa in the song "Oh, Lisa". That Lisa was our manager's daughter, Lisa Cavallo. She did day to day management for the band in 1993-1995. Note all the "girl name" songs I wrote in that era were about women in the industry who worked with Weezer, Jaime Young, Lisa Cavallo, Susanne Filkins.

Brother of Rob Cavallo. Daughter of Bob Cavallo.

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The Pinkerton Diaries


"The Pinkerton Diaries" is not in my database yet. Would you like to create an entry for it?.

Putnam, CT

Lived there a few times in the 1970's.

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Quién como tú

A song by the Mexican artist Ana Gabriel. We played this song in Corona Capital 2014. I became familiar with this song when I was the head of the 'World Music' department at Tower records sunset in 1989-1990. I've loved it ever since.

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Rick Rubin

Was our producer on Make Believe. It was on his advice that I started meditating again. I noted his suggestion in my essay, “ What I've Been Up To Since I Left School,” when applying for readmission to Harvard:

“During this latest swing towards spirituality, however, I started a practice at Rick Rubin's suggestion which may help me achieve some balance: meditation. I was averse to the idea, initially. My goal in trying all the crazy experiments in my life has always been to improve, maintain, or recover my connection to music. Meditation, it seemed to me, would rob me of the angst that I believed was an essential precondition to that connection. With little to lose, however, I took the chance. I experienced immediate benefits.

The technique I was drawn to is called Vipassana. It is taught around the world at over one hundred centers... I started the practice fourteen months ago, attending seven ten-day courses and serving as a volunteer at two. Since then, I have found that the areas of tension in my mind - the fear, the anger, the sadness, the craving - are slowly melting away. I am left with a more pristine mind, more sharp and sensitive than I previously imagined possible. I am more calm and stable. My concentration and capacity to work have increased greatly. I feel like I am finally much closer to reaching my potential."

I also appeared briefly in Rick’s docu-series, Shangri-La (episode 4: Belief), where we talked about meditation and how Rick found his Shangri-La compound.

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Scuba Diving

Got my scuba certification in 2017.

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Setlist Generator

A program I created that generates setlists for Weezer shows and for my Island in the Zoom performances. For IITZ especially, it ensures a variety of songs including rarely played deep cuts, b-sides, along with the better known popular hits.

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Sheila Can Do (It)

A "Homie" song I wrote in February of 1996, at the same time I was writing songs that would end up on Pinkerton. I originally used the name "Rachel" instead of "Sheila". It was partially inspired by Rachel Haden. Eventually came out on Van Weezer.

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When I'm on tour in other countries, I like to try and collect foreign toothpaste. I like variety though I'm not supposed to use any whitening kind. Liking variety is one of the major themes of my life. I first noticed the awesomeness of foreign toothpaste on Weezer's summer tour of Europe in 2019 and I've used it ever since.


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The jersey I wear in The Sweater Song video is from a Mexican soccer team from the state of Veracruz. I got it from a boy who -along with his family- helped me when I traveled to Mexico in my early 20s, I got to the state of Veracruz with no money. I got very sick in Mexico City. I rode a bus overnight. I arrived in the morning. The sun was shining. I stepped off the bus. The boy was there. He was about 10. He took me to his family's home. The father slept on a piece of cardboard. The boy and his mom slept in a small bed. They gave me the other bed. I ate avocados, salt, and bread every day. I've worn it in several shows since as a gesture of gratitude.

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My metal cover band. I played drums. All metal except no kiss.

Livin' After Midnite Victim of changes Breaking the law

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Warmoth Stratocaster

aka “Mei” aka “the Strat with the lightning strap.” Custom setup. Surf green.


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