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Frank Cuomo

My dad. My parents divorced when I was about 4.

Like his father, my father was violently assaulted in his 70's. In 2018, while I was in Denver on the Pixies tour. While coming home from work in the train station in downtown LA he was punched https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knockout_game Broken jaw. Hasn't been able to eat solid food since. Dramatic weight loss and cognitive decline.


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One of my favorite songs from 2015 is called “Runner-Up,” and, I mean, when I wrote it on piano and vocal, it sounds — the first thing that comes to minds is Pinkerton-esque, but I hesitate to use that, because that means so much to people. It sounds very like that core, emotional Rivers that an old-school fan would love, but then the way it was produced — my piano is in there, but then there are all these electronic, dark elements that sound like nothing we’ve ever done. Same time as QB Blitz.

This song was originally title "Fireball" which makes more sense with the lyrics.

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TikTok Live

I’m performing on TikTok Live at 1pm PDT (4pm EDT) on Friday, October 2.

Click here to watch the show

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