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Riverpedia archive - 10/15/2020

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This is my final project for cs50 web Programming.

I'll let you guys know if and when the store is functional. It's going to take some time.

All the data is dummy data for now.

Tiffany Rivers, why does it list demos under Lindsay’s name...

theone Rivers, thoughts on wap?

elchuby3 minutes ago This is pretty cool Rivers.

Lindsaywk I’m proud of all your work. Looks nice.

elchuby Great work.

Lindsaywk Tiffany, the demos are under your name, too.

Lina What happened? Didn't worked for me.. it's on the pc?

Rivers Tiffany, those are her demos.

Everyone's demos will show up on their account page.

Lina OoooOooh now it is.

Marjolaine2 minutes ago Rivers, brilliant.

Rivers And you can check whether or not to make them visible to everyone else.

Marjolaine, okay, billion...right, of course. They told me I could have any producer I wanted -- and I want you.

Olivia Rivers Cuomo's demos like trading cards.

elchuby Olivia,

kaptainkale That's really fun.

Lindsaywk Rivers, so we would upload our own music?

Marjolaine Deal.

elchuby Rivers, nice.

Rivers Elchuby, boys, we're home free.

Lindsaywk Or the demos we buy from you can be in the profile?

Tiffanya minute ago Rivers, ok good. Because talk about buzzards. If I don’t wanna share my demos I don’t want ppl pestering me about them either.

kaptainkale No thoughts only Car Seat Headrest.

Marjolaine Out to drive home. See you there.

Rivers Tiffany, that's all taken out of context. Okay.

Lindsaywk Tiffany, Hahaha...

Tiffanya few seconds ago Rivers, okay, Cuomputer.

kaptainkale Tiffany,

Olivia slaps wrist hey, you can look but you can't touch my boy girl country state and demo.

Rivers Tiffany, yep, you can keep it all hidden. And the demos will be listed as 'already purchased' or 'unavaible' in the store.

( Last edited by Rivers at 2020-10-15 16:11 PM utc )