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Riversa few seconds ago You should now be able to change your sharing settings for your demos.

Trix Leia flying made me so mad, but i ball like a baby every time I see her on screen. Carrie was huge influence in my life. I liked the 9th better than the last jedi. the dialogue was not good.

Rivers And, you should be able start a chat with me by creating a channel with your exact username.

Shazam. This web store is my final project for cs50 web Programming.

I'll let you guys know if and when it is functional. It's going to take some time.

All the data is dummy data for now.

If you want to fake 'buy' stuff now, you can use my test credentials for sandbox.paypal. Fills these when the paypal window pops up.

payeremail="sb-etgoo3484889@personal.example.com" payerpassword="eS3v!tVV"

Any demos you buy will show up on your account page. You can listen there.

And you can check whether or not to make them visible to everyone else. You can also select to make them playable by your friends there.

Or you can keep them hidden.

After you purchase, the demos will be listed as 'already purchased' or 'unavailable' in the store.

I will also send you mp3s. Save the mp3s because I can't guarantee how long I'll maintain this website.

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"test10" is not in my database yet. Would you like to create an entry for it?.