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Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson is a Grammy award winning singer, songwriter, musician and producer. Dan is the lead singer of Semisonic, and has written, co-written and produced hits like The Chicks’ “Not Ready to Make Nice” and Adele’s “Someome Like You.”

We’ve written a lot of songs together including Ruling Me and California Kids, along with a few other Scott & Rivers songs that will probably become Weezer songs someday.

Dan on California Kids, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, July 11. 2019

"Dan Wilson is loving California but feeling Minnesotan as his old band Semisonic returns" Another example of that transformation came in the song “California Kids” from Weezer’s 2016 “White Album.” Rivers Cuomo and I wrote that one about how each of us is not from L.A., but our kids are from L.A.,” Wilson said. “Kind of a startling notion.”

Dan on Ruling Me, American Songwriter, September 2010

“This has been a kind of a funny, fun week because the Weezer album is coming out in a week, and they just streamed on their MySpace page “Ruling Me,” which is a song I co-wrote with Rivers Cuomo. I had not yet heard the band version, I had only heard the demo that Rivers and I made. On that one, we wrote some lyrics for the verse, and he generated most of those, and I helped. And then I wrote the lyrics to the chorus, except for the last line, which is the title, which is his, and amazing. We kind of wrote the verse together, and then I said to him that I thought it sounded too innocent, and he said, “We’ll revise the innocence out later.” And then a week later he e-mailed me new lyrics and it was exactly that; the same story, the same song, but everything innocent and sweet was removed and replaced by something really funny and zippy and great, and sort of spicy. That was real collaborative, on the lyrics, and we wrote the music together.”

For more about Dan:

Visit Dan’s Website

See Dan’s Wikipedia page

Listen to Dan on Spotify

Listen to Semisonic on Spotify

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Here’s a list of media interviews I’ve done.

Print Media

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Rivers Cuomo The Tweet Life, Huck Magazine, May 2011

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[[Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo on Reviving the Spirit of the Nineties, Joining Tinder, Rolling Stone, February 2016

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer Taps His Inner Beach Boy, New York Times, March 2016

Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo is getting ‘comeback’ fatigue, Los Angeles Times, March 2016

Weezer's Rivers Cuomo on How Meditation Helped Him Find Music Inspiration, ABC News, March 2016

The Brilliant Anxiety of Weezer’s White Album, The Atlantic, April 2016

The Dream Life of Rivers Cuomo, Rolling Stone, April 2016

All Songs Considered, Guest DJ Rivers Cuomo, NPR, May 2016

Rivers of Dreams, The Improper Bostonian, May 2017

How Weezer Trades Power Chords for Pop: A Conversation with Rivers Cuomo, NPR, All Songs Considered, October 2017

Rivers Cuomo on dark thoughts, Post Malone & being prolific, Dazed Digital, October 2017

Why Rivers Cuomo wanted to make ‘the most different-sounding Weezer record ever’, Los Angeles Times, October 2017

Rivers Cuomo Is Still Lonely, But he’s really into lifehacks, Vulture Magazine, November 2017

Only in Memes: How Rivers Cuomo Became King of the Internet, Kerrang!, July 2018

Rivers Cuomo digs deep into Weezer songbook at August Hall, Riff Magazine, September 2018

Being Rivers Cuomo: Why Weezer’s frontman put his life into a spreadsheet, Los Angeles Times, February 2019

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At Home with Everyone: Rivers Cuomo, Q Magazine, April 2020

Unchained, Guitar Player Magazine, June 2020


Weezer's Rivers Cuomo Tries Reinvention, NPR, June 2008

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How Weezer Trades Power Chords for Pop: A Conversation with Rivers Cuomo, NPR, All Songs Considered, October 2017

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- Jonathan's Restaurant
- Cutco
- Construction
- Domino's Pizza
- SMC Art Gallery
- Latino Literary Center
- Dishwasher in Italian Restaurant on Santa Monica
- Tower Records on Sunset Blvd
- Tower Records in Anaheim
- roadied for King Size in Guatemala

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OK Human

Song Titles

  1. Bird with a Broken Wing
  2. Dead Roses (contains the word oubliette in the chorus and is very Gothic)
  3. La Brea Tar Pits
  4. Here Comes The Rain (some people said Rivers mentioned this, needs clarification)
  5. Grapes of Wrath
  6. Numbers

Details posted by me in Riverchat

Album Cover: the album cover was created by an illustrator whose work I discovered in a comic shop/book store. He was commissioned to do an original piece for the cover. Cutting Room Floor: Spell It Out, Instrumental #1 Potential lyrics:
Moby Dick trip on a whale. He’s kinda just like me. We’re thirsty for the deep (Posted August 20, 2020) I’ll be there to show support for Winston Smith in 1984. Because battling Big Brother feels more meaningful than binging zombie hordes.* (I referred to that one as the “audio book song” and may have given the title as “Crankin Mrs. Dalloway.”


Weezer Almost Finished with New Album, Called 'Ok, Human', KINK


- If he could play any album of Weezer's live he would pick OK Human. He didn't think he was supposed to talk about it but he was so excited about it. - Played acoustic guitar, Hammond organ, and backing vocals. - He was listening to it for a month at the time and it's all he wanted to listen to. - His dream is to perform it with an orchestra and would like to play at places like the Hollywood Bowl. - Management didn't hear it at the time and Brian said they were pushing for Van Weezer but he said they didn't know how powerful the album is. - He didn't hear rough mixes at the time and had Pat's drums, Rivers vocals, and strings to work with. - Jake didn't want the album rushed out. - In their inner circle, they still called it "Masterpiece", and although Brian thought it was pretentious at first, he said that it was a "f***ing ... masterpiece".

The Life of Brian - All Things Loud Meets Weezer, All Things Loud, July 17, 2019

Highlights Interviewer: You guys have got three albums in the pipeline whose releases are imminent, right?
Brian: There’s two. There is a third thing, but I can’t talk about it. One is more finished than the other. They’re both very interesting and I’m very excited for one of them.
Interviewer: Are these more high-concept albums?
Brian: Yeah, one of them is called OK Human which seems to be about technology and how it’s running our life.
Interviewer: Not just lyrically, but on the last few albums it feels as though you’re exploring specific musical themes, almost like an exploration into new genres.
Brian: Yeah. OK Human is unlike anything I’ve ever heard, unlike any other type of music and unlike any Weezer music. In the bass, if you really broke it down to its common denominator, it still goes one, four, five in a major key for the most part. That’s very Weezer, that’s very Sweater Song, but it does it in more sophisticated ways.

Beats 1 (@Beats1) January 24, 2019

Highlights "Our next album is not on a grid," I explained. "We just recorded the basic tracks, and there's no click, no grid." When asked about a title, I said, "We don't have a real title, but the key word we have to inspire us at the moment is 'masterpiece.'"

Being Rivers Cuomo: Why Weezer's Frontman Put His Life Into a Spreadsheet, L.A. Times, Feb 22, 2019

Highlights "Cuomo said the group is almost finished with another album, one he described as “piano-based, very eccentric, with strings already recorded at Abbey Road.” (Its working title is “OK Human,” after Radiohead’s “OK Computer,” though the singer identified his musical inspirations as George Gershwin and “Nilsson Sings Newman.”)"

Beats1 February 6, 2019

At the time I was listening to a lot of Nilsson Sings Newman and I said it was the biggest inspiration on our next album.

The song I chose to showcase this with was I'll Be Home:

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I do not currently own any pet. I love dogs, though. I had a cat named Calvin when I was a senior in high school. He was named after Calvin & Hobbes. I did not train him properly.

My grandparents owned a black lab, and one time it cut its nose by getting it stuck in a can of pork and beans.

I had a pet rabbit when I was a kid. Named Todd.

I also had two gerbils which turned into 20.

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Private Channels

And, you should be able start a chat with me by creating a channel with your exact username (case sensitive, no space after). Your channel is visible to only you and me.

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S.N. Goenka

My meditation teacher. I met him in 2005.

He was Indian but he grew up in Myanmar. He was a millionaire businessman before Burmese independence. His company made textiles.

I visited him at his house in 2005 in Mumbai. I brought Kyoko with me. That was before we were married. His teacher was Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

S.N. Goenka, New York Times

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Lina Rivers, what is waig?

Rivers Lina, waig.

Tiffany Lina, it stands for “what am I, google?”

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