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If you already spent a lot (more the $20) on demos, don't purchase bundle #1. I'll figure out how to give it to you. (Olivia and geewiz come to mind but I think there are others.)

Please tell me if anything looks wrong or if I've made a mistake.

There's a test bundle up for purchase now. $1. This is real money. And I can't guarantee that the purchase work. Or that you will care about the demo. Only purchase if you want to help me test the app.

Once purchased, please don't share. Everyone else will have a chance to buy once I'm sure it's working.

And please let me know if it doesn't work as expected. Or if you find you have access to something you shouldn't. Thank you.

I haven't had a chance to make audio previews yet so if you buy, you're buying sight unseen. Or hearing unheard?

these should be songs that have no co-writers or other performers.

for any demo: it might have silence.

it might be wildly inappropriate.

it might have super low sound quality.

it might just be me rambling, talking, making sounds.

it may have already been shared or leaked.

it might be just a drum beat. it might not have vocals.

it might be a duplicate of another demo.

it might be an inferior version of another demo.

the information provided, such as year and description, might be incorrect.

Also, over time, the contents of each bundle in the market might change.

Or the metadata for a file might change.

The price may change.

(In other words, you may prefer the current version in the market to the version you bought.)

Further Reading:

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Unchained Melody

"Unchained Melody" was a phase of writing. 'Melody First' songs. I was craving old school Weezer melody after a few years of writing less melodically. This was during the period where I broke off from Rick and worked on my own.

I played the demos for Q Prime as part of our get-to-know-you process. They didn't like them at all, singling out SIMPLE FISHERMAN for particular scorn. For this and one other reason we didn't go with them.

collection of demos assembled on May 3, 2004 as an A-List for Make Believe. It was presented to the rest of Weezer as potential songs for what would ultimately become Make Believe.

In the end, none of the songs would end up making Make Believe a year later.

"Haunt You Every Day" is from an earlier phase.

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