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Steven Pressfield

An author, and one of my big influences on Ecce Homo. I read his books "The War of Art" and "Do the Work." I also recommended them to Scott.

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Wind In Our Sail

A song I wrote with Ryan Spraker, and Scott Chesak for the White album. Contains numerous literary and scientific references.

Listen to Wind In Our Sail on Spotify.

A boy and a girl
Albatross around their necks
Hands burning from the rope
Ship stranded in the tropics
Acidification wiped out the tiger shark
Let's try to save their souls
And trust the man with the Torah

We got the wind in our sail
Like Darwin on the Beagle
And Mendel experimenting with a pea
We got the wind in our sail
And we can do so many great things together, together

Breathe in the salt
Slicing waves at forty knots
Cumulonimbus in the sky
This is what we waited for
And now there's no more hyperventilating in wheelchairs
We're gonna save the last auk on Funk Island
We had to do it wrong
Before we could do it right

Pushing the stone up the hill
And if it rolls back down
Whoa Sisyphus, it rolls back down

HMS Beagle PSM V57 D097 Hms beagle in the straits of magellan.png

Gregor Mendel

Mendel with peas.JPG

Mendel near the garden of St Thomas's Abbey, Brno

Mendel’s Monastery Garden.JPG

Illustration of Great Auks by John James Audubon. Prior to extinction, the great auk’s largest breeding colony was on Funk Island. PinguinusImpennus.jpg

Sisyphus Nekyia Staatliche Antikensammlungen 1494 n2.jpg

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