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Riverpedia archive - 12/13/2021

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Anthony Cuomo

My paternal grandfather.

Came from Fossacesia, Italy. The Cuomos had long been tailors. 'Tony' broke with tradition to become a shoemaker,.

He emigrated to the US when he was 16. Possibly illegally. Definitely didn't come through Ellis Island, but rather Toronto to Buffalo, then Rochester, NY.

He served in the US army during world war II even though he was not a citizen. He was honorably discharged for some problem with his breathing. He was granted citizenship after his time in the army.

When I was a toddler, I call him "doot-doo" after the sound of his hammer, working on the shoes. And we all called him that thereafter.

His shop was in the front room of the their house, on Moran Street, Rochester New York.

In the mid 1970's, after my parents split up, he was assaulted in his shop. He eye was carved out and his throat was slit. Luckily my uncle Michael found him and his life was saved. He had a glass eye from then on.

His didn't speak much English (Italian being his native language) but he smiled a lot and radiated warmth.


Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York) Dec 30, 1964:
Anthony and Michael Cuomo clipping.jpg

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York) Dec 8, 1973:
Anthony Cuomo news clipping.jpg

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Fred Shoenberger

My maternal grandfather.

Frederick Louis Schoenberger was born on 9 May 1922, in Columbus, Ohio. His father, Frederick Schoenberger, was 40 and his mother, Helen Turner, was 37. He died in November 1968, at the age of 46.

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Mike Covers Cuomo

In February 2021, a neighbor named Mike decided to throw a covers concert featuring Weezer songs and other songs of mine as requested by the other neighbors. Mike has now covered over 200 songs, and shows no signs of stopping. He plays every Sunday at 1PM PT on my Discord. In addition to Covers Cuomo, Mike hosts a Neighborhood concert one a month, where he invites other neighbors to share their talents as well.

You can check out the Covers Cuomo archive here.

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Did you guys know the Melody from Wanda is based on Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker? The line where I sing Wanda you're my only love.

A friend bet Tchaikovsky he couldn't write a melody based on an octave in a sequence; the result of that challenge was the Grand Adage in Grand Pas de Deux, the ballet duet as Clara dances with the Prince.

My love for that man is boundless. To write such a heart-rending melody as a response to a silly challenge. And do it with just a simple scale.

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