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The two side projects were Lovely and Homie. Lovely was drone Rock. Homie was kind of country tinged pop.

Homie was a byproduct of Pinkerton. Like molasses is a byproduct of sugar production. in 1995-1996 Working on the intense dark Pinkerton material for so long, I couldn't help but write the occasional light hearted goofy poppy song like Sheila.

And Lovely was a reaction to the reaction to Pinkerton. The world didn't like the 35-chords with a couple of key changes type of song that is Falling For You? Ok then I'll try playing just one-chord over and over and call that a song ('Baby'). Also: Prettiest Girl American girls (tho it ended up with Homie) Rosemary Lover in the Snow

I wasn't sure Weezer would get back together. We were at a lower point. So I started to imagine this side project. Mikey told me about the perfect drone rock drummer--Zeph. I saw them perform at the Paradise as a Kyuss cover band. Very very heavy. We rehearsed in my basement.

Baby was written for Lovely, not Homie.

Me, Mikey Welsh and Zephan "Zeph" Courtney were the members of Lovely.

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