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Instashow is the widget I installed to display images posted to Instagram using the #rivershood hashtag. The widget uses a cache to store and display images, so it won’t update in real-time. It sends a request to Instagram once every 6 hours to capture any new images that meet the specified criteria.

Additional troubleshooting info is available here.

I’m still working on rolling this out, so please be patient with me if it doesn’t work perfectly quite yet. If you want to try to help make this work better, here is a good starting point.

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Van Weezer

One of the upcoming Weezer albums.

Known tracks: (unordered)

  1. End Of The Game
    Bridge is from EWBAITE outtake "What I Want is to be Wanted By You"
  2. Beginning of the End
    Repurposed from 2010 song "Rock and Roll Cockroach". BOTE uses the same verse and chorus as Cockroach but the bridge is taken from another EWBAITE-era song called Volunteers.
  3. I Need Some Of That
    Written before Hurley. OG release on Nimaime, S&R.
  4. She Needs Me
  5. Precious Metal Girl
  6. I've Thrown It All Away
    Blue-era song recorded for Van Weezer. Co-written by Pat and Jason.
  7. Sheila Can Do (It)
    Homie song
  8. Blue Dream
    Late 2010 song Ballad of the Briny mashed up with a classic metal song.
  9. Hero

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