Shine Like the Holy Grail (1995-1997)

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Shine Like the Holy Grail (1995-1997)
Unofficial bootleg by Supersport 2000
Length 54:24

Shine Like the Holy Grail (1995-1997) is an unofficial, digitally released bootleg containing unreleased studio, demo, and live recordings of songs by Supersport 2000.


Shine Like the Holy Grail (1995-1997) is split into two sections; the first half contains studio/demo recordings, the second half contains fan-made live recordings, and the two sections are split up by a radio interview spot with the band that aired on KROQ. Although certain songs from the first half are known to have been circulating in the 90's (either through official releases or local radio play), it is ultimately unknown how these recordings leaked.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Seatbelt"   2:46
2. "Killing Spree"   3:11
3. "Sr. Benito"   2:36
4. "Faster Kiddies"   4:08
5. "DC-9"   3:23
6. "Popeye"   3:03
7. "Spinner"   2:40
8. "It's So Easy"   3:33
9. "Interview"   2:19
10. "Wet Texass (live)"   3:38
11. "Rockslide (live)"   1:32
12. "On Fire (live)"   2:40
13. "You'R 3 (live)"   3:08
14. "Surf's Up (live)" ("Mooks") 3:33
15. "I Am a Mechanic (live)"   3:07
16. "Unknown (live)"   2:42
17. "I Am Shy (live)"   2:54
18. "Shrine Like the Holy Grail (live)"   3:18
Total length:

Note: A majority of the song titles present on this bootleg's track listing remain unconfirmed.


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