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Swagalicious! cover
Compilation album by various
Released 1996
Recorded various
Genre Alternative rock, pop
Label Geffen Records, DreamWorks Records, Almo Sounds, Outpost Recordings

Swagalicious! is a promotional CD released by Geffen Records in 1996. The Weezer song "Falling for You" appeared on the release.

Standard edition
No. Title Length
1. "Happy Shopper" (60ft Dolls)  
2. "Falling for You" (Weezer)  
3. "Susan's House" (Eels)  
4. "Buttercup" (Lazlo Bane)  
5. "Clock" (Beck)  
6. "Submission Song" (Pulsars)  
7. "Final Solution" (Pere Ubu)  
8. "It Just Don't Stop" (The Roots)  
9. "Charm" (Wild Colonials)  
10. "Magic Bus" (Swervedriver)  
11. "In September" (Hayden)  
12. "Polly Brown" (The Sugarplastic)  
13. "Crush" (Gus)  
14. "Dis-Integrated" (Frosted)  
15. "Victor Delorenzo" (Blind)  
16. "Grant Hart" (The Posies)  
17. "Blood, Milk and Sky" (White Zombie)  

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