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Taco Bell is an American-based chain of fast food restaurants originating in Irvine, California in 1962, by founder Glen Bell. The restaurants serve a variety of Mexican-inspired foods, that include: tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, novelty and specialty items.

Connection to Weezer

Taco Bell located at the corner of Pico and Bundy

In 1991, Rivers Cuomo had moved into a room at 2914 Urban Avenue, off Pico Blvd, about a mile away from 1711 Stoner Avenue where Patrick Wilson, Jason Cropper, and Karl Koch resided at the time. Situated between the two residences was a Taco Bell, which was to become the primary source of nutrition for everyone involved for over a year.

In 1992, while recording Weezer's second demo, The Kitchen Tape at the Amherst House, the band would take breaks in between sessions to eat at the Pico Blvd Taco Bell which was located right down the street. On the commentary for the Say It Ain't So video in the Video Capture Device, Brian Bell mentions how the old owners of the Amherst House before they bought it had Taco Bell packets stuffed in drawers, Karl Koch jokingly guesses there were 10,000+ packets throughout the house.

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