The Cornerstone Player 016

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The Cornerstone Player 016
The Cornerstone Player 016 cover
Studio album by various
Released 1999
Recorded various
Genre various
Label Cornerstone
Producer(s) various

The Cornerstone Player 016 is the sixteenth edition of a sampler CD compiled by promotional company Cornerstone.


With the cover of TCP 016 touting "new music, imports, rarities, production, videos", the two-disc set is composed of a completely audio Disc One, and Disc Two features a few dance tracks linked in a megamix, with several CD-ROM videos and video game demos. The Disc One features intermittent spoken word/announcement tracks much like a radio station ID, and the whole thing plays like a radio show.

Disc One of TCP 016 contains an extremely rare Weezer acoustic rendition of "Buddy Holly", recorded at St. Louis radio station KPNT. The disc's artwork does not specify the date of the recording, but Rivers' Catalog of Riffs suggests it was on August 31, 1994.


Track listing

Disc One

Tracks without quotations are of the spoken/announcement/commercial variety

  1. Less-Sleep-Less-Ness
  2. "Last Resort" - Richard Cheese
  3. New Way Of Thinking
  4. "Hanging By A Moment" - Lifehouse
  5. Hottest New Releases
  6. "Set The Record Straight" - Reef
  7. "C'mon People (We're Making It Now)" - Richard Ashcroft
  9. "Synthetic" - Spine Shank
  10. Deep Penetration
  11. "Popular Teenage Disease" - Pet Engine
  12. Features
  13. "Babylon" - David Gray
  14. "I Can Only Disappoint You" - Mansun
  15. Historic Proportions
  16. "Kill The King" - Megadeth
  17. New Technology
  18. "Into The New" (Humphrey remix)- Vallejo
  19. "Crash" - Mephisto Odyssey feat. Wayne Static
  20. Statement
  21. "Sandwiches" (radio edit) - Detroit Grand Pu Bahs
  22. Choice Cuts (Tasty)
  23. "Buddy Holly" (acoustic) - Weezer
  24. "Days Of The Pheonix" - AFI
  25. Getting Through
  26. "Sonny" (edit) - Palo Alto
  27. Hey Fatso
  28. "Hip Bounce" - Scuba Z
  29. Unbelieveable Experience
  30. "If I Am" (remix edit) - Nine Days
  31. "Mother's Day" - Nada Surf
  32. Electronic In-Color
  33. "Dead Wrestlers" - bis

Disc Two


  1. "Intro" - Cheech and Chong
  2. "Let The Beat Hit Em" - DJ Brad Smith
  3. "Hi-Fi Wrecker" - Deejay Punk-Roc
  4. "The Roof" - Dave London
  5. "Freeze" - Cut Le Roc
  6. "Ballad Of Jed Clampett" (theme from Beverly Hillbillies)
  7. "Demon" - Lil' Funk
  8. "Hey Joe" (Deejay Punk-Roc remix) - Trinity Hi-Fi
  9. "Donna" - MMM
  10. "Break Dancin'" - Up Rocking
  11. "Knock 'Em All The Way Out" - Deejay Punk-Roc feat. AKP
  12. "Outro" - Cheech and Chong


  1. "Babylon" - David Gray
  2. "Pinch Me" - Barenaked Ladies
  3. "Just Got Wicked" - Cold
  4. Midway's San Francisco Rush 2049

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