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The Lowdown

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The Lowdown
The Lowdown cover
Released June 29, 2008
Genre Biography
Label Chrome Dreams, Sexy Intellectual

The Lowdown is a 2-CD set of unauthorized biographical CDs on the history of Weezer. It includes Maximum Weezer: The Unauthorised Biography of Weezer and another CD titled The Interview.


The collection is packaged in a cardboard box, containing Maximum Weezer: The Unauthorised Biography of Weezer, a biography released on CD by the label Chrome Dreams in 2002 featuring an 8-page booklet and fold-out poster, and The Interview, a collection of interviews with members of Weezer taken from various sources. Both discs have been noted by Karl Koch and fans for their low quality.[1] The release is part of a larger series of releases by Chrome Dreams and Sexy Intellectual of unauthorized biographies on different artists.

Track listings

Maximum Weezer: The Unauthorised Biography of Weezer

No. Title Length
1. "Transcending Geek Rock"   7:30
2. "Sound of the Suburbs"   5:37
3. "Initial Struggle"   4:40
4. "Going Overground"   10:01
5. "The Dark Side"   7:04
6. "Dropping Out"   5:10
7. "A Period of Transition"   5:00
8. "Warped and Driven"   7:25
9. "Enlightened Souls"   4:50
10. "Behind the Mask"   4:19
11. "Back on the Block"   5:45

The Interview

No. Title Length
1. "On Songwriting And Japan"   6:11
2. "On Playing With The Foo Fighters And Live Shows"   8:54
3. "More On Songwriting, Touring And Rick Rubin"   5:52
4. "Looking Back At Their Early Career And The Rentals"   11:35
5. "About The Green Album"   4:03
6. "About Pinkerton"   2:34
7. "Wide-Ranging"   17:20



Maximum Weezer: The Unauthorised Biography of Weezer (disc 1)

The Interview (disc 2)

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